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AccountingWEB discussion groups

AccountingWEB discussion groups

Some of you who pay close attention to Any Answers and the AccountingWEB feedback discussion group may have seen mentions of some of the new initiatives we are planning as part of this week's relaunch.

Rather than hiding them away in a far-flung corner of the site, our new Discussion Group page will display all active groups on a single page, and offer more routes into the conversations that take place there. To take advantage of this, we are planning a range of new groups.

Please take a look at the list below, and comment if any of them appeal to you. We're not just looking for people who want to post comments, though. For a discussion group to really work, it needs someone to lead and moderate the debates, and keep them bubbling along by posting items and observations that may interest other members - David Winch's 1,200-strong Money Laundering and Crime discussion group shows what is possible.

You don't have to compete with David, though. Even if just 10-20 members share a particular interest, we're happy to create a group for them and our community manager Becky Midgley is always available to help you build and manage them. If you would like to set up or lead a discussion group on AccountingWEB, either let us know by posting below or drop us a private message.

Here are some of the new groups we're considering. Tell us which ones you would like to join:

  • Audit - led by Steve Collings
  • Financial reporting - Steve again
  • Company Cars - a group led by Nigel Harris to look at tax issues (and perhaps in a few Top Gear-style price/performance comparisons)
  • Employment taxes - led by Anne Fairpo
  • International tax - Anne again
  • StudentZone - offering help with questions, exam tips and career advice
  • Career and CPD advice
  • Groups for the main professional bodies - share your gripes, ideas and pointers to useful resources
  • More software user groups - joining those such as Sage 50, VT Software and IRIS, where members share their experiences and suggestions
  • Vertical market discussion groups, similar to the successful construction group. New groups could focus on manufacturing, distribution, etc.
  • Community-driven editorial planning - Following the success of our Upgrade focus group, we are thinking of involving members in a virtual editorial board to guide our long-term editorial planning around tax, practice, technical, technology and business issues. Because of the sensitivity of some of the plans, this group would be private.

Let us know too if there are other groups that you would like to take part in.



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02nd Aug 2011 13:24


I know we have one on practice management, but I would be interested in a group that deals with the day-to-day tasks of providing our services.

I am thinking of the things we currently see, like asking how to deal with a certain type of client. What do we do when a client makes a total mess of things? How much checking of VAT do we do during preparation of year end accounts?

I don't think this needs to be in Any Answers, because the general public wouldn't really be interested. In fact, when it comes to asking some questions, I would prefer it to NOT be on public view.

Hopefully, a few other members will come along and support my request.

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02nd Aug 2011 14:30


Groups I would be interested in being active in:

Marketing and business generationBusiness managementPractice managementSome vertical market groupsCommunity-driven editorial planning

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By Top_Cat
02nd Aug 2011 14:34


There's a serious danger of the whole site being fragmented into lots of little discussion groups - the recent "Time Out" group being a good example, it's virtually deserted.


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02nd Aug 2011 14:50


I am particularly interested in this and there are postings on this area a couple of times a week.

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03rd Aug 2011 09:59

Too many groups

I agree with Top Cat.

Where do you draw the line between a topic that is so specialised that it can usefully be hived off into a group and one that may prove to be of interest to non-specialists and should be included in the general Any Answers (which I still think should be called Any Questions)?  There is a serious risk of either emasculating Any Answers or ending up with inactive groups.

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to paulcolman
03rd Aug 2011 10:18

I agree Euan

When Time Out was created and I was scrolling down the discussion groups I noticed that some hadn't been used in over a year. Maybe this is a good time to sort the wheat from the chaff?

EDIT: Although I opposed it strongly originally, I quite like Time Out now. It is a place to have a bit of fun and you can say whatever you like (within reason) because the public cannot view it. Also, any topic is allowed so we can forget our professional mantles and talk about anything, and everything.

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29th Sep 2011 14:21


audit, financial reporting and ethics please. Plus of course, student zone.

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