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AccountingWeb Fantasy Football

Is there an AccountingWeb Fantasy Football league this year ?

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2 days to kick off..........

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Richard Hattersley
By Richard Hattersley
09th Aug 2018 09:03

Funny you should say. I can exclusively reveal that the AccountingWEB fantasy football league is back.

The AccountingWEB Championship is open to all football-loving (and non-football loving, in my case) AccountingWEB members.

We have renewed the league from last season. So if you participated last year, you should be in the mix this year.

But wait! What if you want to join? Well, simply head to:,
and add this code to join the league: 3394387-773448

And all that's left to say, as they say in football: Let's get ready to soccer!

(What do you mean they don't say that....)

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John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
09th Aug 2018 15:52

Wow, I'm sure it was just a few weeks since I was feeling sorry for the Croatians after a really entertaining World Cup. But that was just like a holiday romance. It's back to the August-May grind now and things are already getting competitive: there are more than 40 teams now with just one day to kickoff.

Unlike last season, Dickie's Allstars are lording it above us all at the top of the table. Wonder how long that will last? Particularly with the arrival of big-money import Mike Goldsmith, who arrives fresh from his triumph last year in a rival league.

I'm already getting accustomed to the relegation zone down around #46. At least I managed to beat the transfer deadline, so my boys will be in contention for points from Day 1.

Come on in if you think you can take them on, and may the best player performance KPI model win.

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