AccountingWEB - In 140 characters...

AccountingWEB - In 140 characters...

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I'm entering AccountingWEB into an industry award, for best B2B website. I'd love the team to get some recognition for their tireless work, so I'm asking for your help.

One of the award questions asks 'in 140 characters, explain why your site should receive industry recognition?'.

Rather than try and cobble together some marketing words, we thought it would be more interesting to get the community to help, after all, you are what make AccountingWEB the no.1 destination for this profession.

Thanks in advance...

Tom Dunkerley, MD, Sift Media

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By tom123
23rd Mar 2013 11:03

wherever you are whatever you do accountingweb's the site to go to.

questions are answered as soon as they're written

with insight and humour and plenty precision

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By ShirleyM
23rd Mar 2013 11:43

I'll have a stab at it!

AWeb is the place for people that run, or work in, practice and industry and for those involved in the nitty gritty of practice life. It is open to all, qualified or not, and regardless of status, ie. business people, bookkeepers and students are welcome, too.

AWeb is a community where many people help each other, with no expectation of reward, other than the knowledge that you have helped a fellow member. Many specialists also share their knowledge freely (and without charge).

AWeb is like an extended family (with the occasional family squabble) but overall full of interesting characters that make AWeb the place where you have fun and interesting debates as well as helping you solve that tricky problem.

EDIT: I forgot to mention all the helpful articles that inform us of legislation changes, new HMRC initiatives, etc. :(

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By Roxanne Wralls
23rd Mar 2013 11:46

AWeb is...

... a place devoid of tweeps apparently! Except Rachel who is...

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By User deleted
23rd Mar 2013 15:40

I thought ...

... the thread heading was referring to something completely different ;) ;)

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By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
23rd Mar 2013 15:56

I'll have a Bash!

A site where collaborative effort is made by accountants to decipher the confusing array of rules and red tape heaped upon their profession by the Establishment.

140 characters isn't much: I'm guessin' the spaces don't count as a character.

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By ShirleyM
23rd Mar 2013 16:16

Oops ...

I need to stop speed reading. I thought it was 140 words (and didn't count anyway!)

We all love AWeb though :)

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By Mouse007
28th Oct 2013 20:21

140 Characters ?

easy, here you go


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By tom123
23rd Mar 2013 17:02

Love it

Great graphics Mouse, as usual :)

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By User deleted
23rd Mar 2013 17:31


You've got George and Zippy!!! I loved George. Zippy less so....

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By mumpin
23rd Mar 2013 17:35

it came out more like a haiku!

Peter, Shirley and Flash hound First Tab. Several grotesques express a desire to become a JP; have they never read Camus’ The Fall? Another RTI thread, I’d better look…

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By mikeyban
23rd Mar 2013 17:51

Where us 'boring people' help each other decipher problems that 'tax' the Great British public!

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The triggle is a distant cousin of the squonk (pictured)
By Triggle
23rd Mar 2013 19:11

What about:

"We consulted our subscribers on this and having read their comments we believe that our site should receive industry recognition because it"


Oh [***].

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By Ding Dong
23rd Mar 2013 23:12

how about
Because it is THE go to place in the profession that we all use - IT JUST WORKS! simples!

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By Ding Dong
23rd Mar 2013 23:14

or how about
.... Well if you can find a better collaborative site in its own field - tell us.

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By Mouse007
24th Mar 2013 00:37

oh stuff it

really guys, you can do better than that, mouse to the rescue


In exactly 140 Characters (including spaces):


There is no other professional community site which comes close to the technical and at times robust exchange of knowledge, experience and wisdom than AccountingWeb


Vote now - thanks button below

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Replying to bernard michael:
By Roxanne Wralls
24th Mar 2013 15:56

But that...

Mouse007 wrote:

In exactly 140 Characters (including spaces):

There is no other professional community site which comes close to the technical and at times robust exchange of knowledge, experience and wisdom than AccountingWeb

... is 164 characters including the spaces! And there's no fullstop!

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By FirstTab
24th Mar 2013 07:52

Accounting web deserves an award because
It is the first port of call for accountants looking for CPD, help and want to vent their frustrations on day to day reality of working in practice.

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By BaronGreenback
24th Mar 2013 16:46

excluding spaces then

you counted them?

Knowing mouse the lack of full stop was very deliberate

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By Mouse007
24th Mar 2013 16:51

Oh Dear Lord

A space is not a character whether you include it or not!

Want to swap a comma for a full stop?


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By Roxanne Wralls
24th Mar 2013 17:10

A space is not a character?

So did you have to press 164 keys to type it? Or 141?

The 140 character restriction is because that is the limit of characters in a tweet on twitter (which comes from the original sms limitation). Spaces count towards the limit, so they must be characters?

Oh and I counted it by copying it into Word, that does the counting job for you and tells you how many characters there are with (164) and without (141) spaces.

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By Mouse007
24th Mar 2013 18:08

Word can't count

the clue’s in its name - it's 140 setting aside the spaces debate.

A space is a blank area devoid of content, that’s not a character. Pressing a key does not change that. I could hold the space key down                               ...


In programming language syntax, spaces are frequently used to explicitly separate tokens. A token being a string of characters. If a space was a character then no separation would occur.

Aside from this use, spaces and other whitespace characters are usually ignored by modern programming languages. Text editors, word processors, and desktop publishing software differ in how they represent whitespace on the screen, and how they represent spaces at the ends of lines longer than the screen or column width. In some cases, spaces are shown simply as blank space; in other cases they may be represented by an interpunct or other symbols.

WordPerfect counts it as 140. Word, in typical Microsoft bloatware fashion counts it as 164.

Anyhow, the practice of inserting spaces between words is a relatively new concept (between 600 - 800AD) so to avoid any problem I suggest:


Still no full stop, because that IS a character.

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By Steve Holloway
25th Mar 2013 11:15

Because ....

 otherwise I would have to rely on Anya for help, support, advice and general good humour in my working day. This is a huge responsibility for a 12 year old lurcher who would prefer to lay on the sofa all day eating biscuits and watching bargain hunt.


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By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
26th Mar 2013 09:04

One Long Coffee Break...?

A virtual photocopier where employed accounting staff and accountants in practice who charge by the hour spend their working day hanging out and generally chilling.

Ha! That'll get the Value Pricing Brigade bangin' their drums.

btw I remember a space counting as a character in ASCII ; code 255?

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By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
26th Mar 2013 09:32

A Customer with an Access card is...

This competition reminds me of a similar one run back in the Dark Ages when credit cards were first introduced, when owning a credit card carried the same kudos as these days owning your own racehorse.

Keen to underline the impulse buying aspect, the retail chain I worked for asked sales staff to complete in XXX words the sentence "A customer with an Access card is.....".

The winner was a sales guy who just the week before had asked a pop star of the time - whose band had some time earlier won the Eurovision song contest - whether he would like to pay via cash or cheque. "Take your pick" instructed the pop star, as he nonchelantly unfurled his wallet of Access, Visa, and other credit cards, which trailed halfway to the floor. Our protagonist's winning slogan went something like "A customer with an Access card is a smug, jumped up, difficult, middle-class sh*tkicker with no cash in the bank".


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A photo of Tom Dunkerley
By tdunks
27th Mar 2013 09:00

Thanks all..

For your input, really appreciated. I'll let this run for a week or so and I'll share what we end up including on the entry form in due course. Cheers, Tom.

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By A mum and an accountant
27th Mar 2013 12:23

Just my opinion
Its not 140 words but I'm so drawn to this website compared to any other blogs/websites going (even mum and baby ones). And its not just accounting views, there's stuff about what's in the news, what people are feeling etc. It really does feel like a being in an office where you just chit chat while you work.

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By chunkycat
27th Mar 2013 12:36

Accounting Web is -

"An excellent knowledge base, where accountants pool their accumulated skills and experience for both their own mutual benefit and also the benefit of any interested parties."


Boring, I know - but that's what it means to me !!.

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By martinatal
27th Mar 2013 13:41

Or . .


A friendly informative qualitative quantitative community freely contributing B2B knowledge making AccountingWEB the No 1 destination for all.

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By The Black Knight
27th Mar 2013 14:32


A pond full of accountants to a degree.

To test a question but never agree.

Hot potatoes galore.

Rotten tomatoes in store

but the bun fights all calm after tea.

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By Mouse007
27th Mar 2013 21:20

A True Story

Last January during one of our Saturday morning meetings, Mr Bouncy mentioned the “suggestion” his auditors had made. The company, a partnership, cars. Sharp intake of breath “not sure that is wise” I replied. “I seam to recall that just cost someone big time, I’ll look it up and let you know”.

Swift return to office, log onto AWeb, short search. Copy, paste , email “perhaps auditors should stick to auditing”.

Roll forward to last Saturday morning and Mr Bouncy and I had another meeting to discuss his personal tax and another expensive family matter (bells, church, daughter etc).

“So have we taken cars via partnership recharged to company?” I asked.
“***** No” he laughed
“Did you mention it to the auditors”
“Oh yes”


They went “oh **** we’ve just done that for all our partners, how the hell did you find out about that ?”

Needless to say one little village mouse looks rather good against the might of the “big city” boys.

Thankyou Aweb


So What does AWeb Do for you?

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By rota2
28th Mar 2013 14:09


I cannot resist reading some of it........

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By Homeworker
28th Mar 2013 16:02

I cant resist either

I dont have a suitable quote but just wanted to say I too am addicted to AW and have just spent the last half hour reading all your comments when I really should be doing some work!

Seriously though, I rarely look anywhere else for help now.

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By daveforbes
28th Mar 2013 16:19


ascii for a standard space is 32 (decimal) or 00100000 if you prefer binary.

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By HeatherSimpson
28th Mar 2013 18:02

Small . . . . . . . . . far away

AccountingWeb gives accountants the support of working in a huge office that never sleeps but without the interruptions.

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