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AccountingWEB members needed for mobile trial

AccountingWEB members needed for mobile trial

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Hi all,

We have been working on a mobile version of AccountingWEB, it is nearly finished and I would like to have some members trial it before launch to provide some feedback.

It has been designed to look and work quite like an app and although we will allow members to continue to use the full site on their mobile I hope this simpler version geared around the most common user journeys will be useful.

It has been design with a focus around iPhone and android phones as the vast majority of all mobile hits to AccountingWEB come from these devices. However, it is also being tested on Blackberry and other devices with positive results so far.

The 'webapp' will provide access to the latest content, drill down by category, commenting and Any Answers.

If you would like to get involved, please reply and let me know what device you will be testing on and I will put together a small panel and send a link round. It would be great to get a real mix of devices, but I know from our stats that most mobile users on AccountingWEB are using iPhones so we can include a few people using those.

Thanks in advance!

Joe Vallender
Head of IT & Production, Sift Media

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By cverrier
07th Jun 2010 16:55

Happy to help

iPhone (and iPad!)


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By Luke
07th Jun 2010 17:07

I'll give it a go

I've got a Blackberry Storm 2.

Presumably you've got my contact info through my profile?

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By aiwalters
07th Jun 2010 20:07

would be happy to help

on blackberry bold 9000.


currently the BB bold doesn't display the Aweb poster, nor date and time, which makes it difficult keeping track of who's who

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By Anthony123
07th Jun 2010 20:33

Happy to try it out

if you would like another i phone user.

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By Craigy1874
08th Jun 2010 09:07


I would like to try the blackberry version.


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By nicstone
08th Jun 2010 09:26


Happy to help - iPad and iPhone

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By leestevens
08th Jun 2010 10:18

Me too

I use an Iphone 3GS

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By Accounting WEB
08th Jun 2010 11:43

Thanks everyone

More blackberry users than I expected to see give our stats - but that's why it's good to get in contact with you all i guess!

iPhone users can currently access the normal (scaled down) site via their device but blackberry and a selection of older 'smartphones' see a heavily cut down version of the actualy site using simpler temlpates as less styling.

I will apologise in advance to blackberry users as some of the more attractive graphics effects and transitions are simply not supported by the blackberry - but I imagine you will be used to not getting the full experience from various sites. If it wasn't for the nice tight microsoft exchange support blackberry has historically held over other devices I don't think I would use one myself... and once our IT team roll out the iPhone integration (as I'm sure many other people are considering or have done) i think they will find the market increasingly tough! but i digress...

Thanks for all the replies. I will gather your details from your profiles and hopefully provide a link early next week.

Any nokia/android users want to join in?

Also - @ the two ipad users. Although we will be looking into solutions to make the most our whole portfolio on the iPad we will be initially targetting the webapp at mobile devices only as the user interface does not really scale well to the iPad screen (although it obviously functions in the same way)... I think the best way to take advantage of the iPad would be to consider it in future standard web designs and have future version of AccountingWEB simply more friendly to a greater number of devices - but we'll see what happens :o)



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By cathwalker
09th Jun 2010 09:26

nokia E71
I'm on a Nokia E71 if that's any good to you?

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By Becky Midgley
10th Jun 2010 10:25

For the record

I'll be viewing Aweb on my Samsung Galaxy (Android)

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By cmo
17th Jun 2010 12:35

Android user

HTC Desire user.  Happy to try it out.

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By Batty Girl
17th Jun 2010 13:10

Palm Pre

I'm on a Palm Pre (runs on Web OS) and happy to try it out. 

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John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
06th Jul 2010 14:27

AccountingWEB mobile is here!

Thanks to everyone here for their interest - we're pleased to report that the app is up and running.

Joe points out that it was developed for devices such as the iPhone and Android devices that use the Firefox Ghecko delivery interface. It also should work on BlackBerrys and other phones, but users may encounter some interface quirks.

Have a play and let us know what you think of it.

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By James Hellyer
06th Jul 2010 14:49


It seems to work alright on by Blackberry 9700 Bold, which has the latest Blackberry operating system.

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