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AccountingWeb page rendering change ?

AccountingWeb page rendering change ?

I note that, today, the AccountingWeb.co.uk home page displays all items in a single column rather than being split across two with the editorial comment on the RH.

(So Editor's Note appears below Press Area, with part of the Sift Media rubric overlaid on his first paragraph; the RH column is blank below the (new?) Bookmark button)

I'm using Firefox 3.0.3 with Adblock Plus and Flashblocker.

Any ideas ? (Bookmark ?!!)
Mike Whittaker


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15th Oct 2008 17:48

Still looks OK to me...
Is it still looking strange? The layer picks up its positioning from the style sheet found at https://www.accountingweb.co.uk/branding/stylesheets/generic.css. Looking at the source code the positioning of both the middle sections is done by, as you say, div id="left_content" and div id="right_content". Both float left, as I would expect. So as far as I can see, there is nothing wrong. Moreover I can't replicate the problem either.

Have you tried looking at AW on another computer? My guess would be that, since no-one else appears to be having the same problem, it is a problem unique to your set up and how your browser is interpreting the site rather than something that is intrinsic to the code.

Try looking at other CSS based sites (many are nowadays) and see if you are getting a similar problem.

Good luck - this type of issue is often a real nightmare to find...I know as I have been building websites for almost 10 years as a part-time labour of love and there are still problems that get me!

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15th Oct 2008 11:50

CSS is OK ...
Looks as if it's stacking div id="right_content" underneath div id="left_content"

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14th Oct 2008 18:22

Looks OK to me...
How strange. The site looks fine to me and I have checked it on FF, Safari and Opera.

It sounds like you have turned off CSS; seeing as AW is a CSS built site turning this off will mean that layer positions will not render properly.

Do you have the web-developer extension for firefox? If so, check that you have not turned off CSS by mistake.

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