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If you have a moment, help with our research on accounting capacity would be appreciated :-)

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Hi all,

Many apologies for the gratuitous hijacking of the forum, but we're currently running research on the lack of capacity in the accounting world: what's causing it, how it's affecting accountants, what support is available, that kind of thing. If you have ten minutes to help us out by filling in the survey (link below) we'd be extremely grateful

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By stepurhan
12th Jul 2023 14:52

Doubt it is possible to amend it now, but making the narrative boxes optional would be a good idea. It is annoying having to put something in a box just to progress if you don't really have anything to say on a particular subject.

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Replying to stepurhan:
By Catherine Newman
12th Jul 2023 15:06

That happened to me. I put N/A. The multiple choice questions about staff were irrelevant as I don't have any staff and will never have any.

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