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AccountingWEB Technology Champion of the Year

AccountingWEB Technology Champion of the Year

As part of our AccountingWEB Community Awards, we're looking for nominees for the Technology Champion of the Year. 

Who do you think has provided the most helpful PC, Excel, web and software comments and threads throughout the year?

Let us know below! 

To nominate a member, write a comment with their username below. If you agree with a nomination, please press 'thanks' under the comment, as this will be used to calculate who wins. 

We'll be announcing the winner in our Xmas news wire and will be posting further threads like this for different categories.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!


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06th Dec 2012 12:50

Will there be a 'member whose avatar looks most like a duck' category at any point?

Because I reckon I can nail that one!

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to Euan MacLennan
06th Dec 2012 13:02

A little remiss...

Constantly Confused wrote:

Will there be a 'member whose avatar looks most like a duck' category at any point?

Because I reckon I can nail that one!

... of Rachael not to have started with that category, in my view.

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06th Dec 2012 13:59

Unfortunately we don't have an avatar based category, not a bad idea however. 

Any nominees for Tech Champ of the year?

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06th Dec 2012 14:06

I'm afraid

I couldn't pick a techie, my questions are far too basic to be able to single out one helper.

I'll try and participate in the other categories though, in fact I'll go do that now.

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18th Dec 2012 10:51

Some non-feathered nominations

Thanks for the input so far - it gave me a good laugh - but it may not help the credibility of the prize if Constantly is our only nominee!

the next few posts that follow will put forward the claims of a few Aweb regulars to this prize. Do please take a minute or two to "thank" ones you like or to put forward your own candidates.


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18th Dec 2012 10:59

Nomination for "merlyn"

merlyn has been a member of AccountingWEB for nearly two years and has already racked up 58 thanks this year - a very impressive rate, and many of these comments have been on technology issues such as Encryption (on the controversial Dropbox thread), Network Attached Storage, and using Excel to prepare accounts.

In the comment, Right tools for the job, merlyn presented a succinct summary of the accountant's ambivalence twoards Excel: "Bespoke software is usually great at what it does, Excel is good for playing the the raw data as you can bend it exactly as you like... Of course it's better to query the data in SQL, Oracle etc, but most accountants wouldn't be allowed access to those systems so excel is their next best option."

merlyn appears to be a normal, feet-on-the-ground accountant with a clear-headed attitude to tech. As such, merlyn would be a very deserving winner of this prize.


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18th Dec 2012 11:42

Johndon and Witch doctor


I have been quite this year.  Working a lot on the Sage One this year  which I have been very impressed with.  I am  not saying everything is right but they have been extremely interactive .  This year  I  have become interested in the Irish Market The big  Red cloud which I am trying out.   They are now appearing in the UK market.    I have to say I was impress with what I saw from both Sage and The Big Red Cloud and the ICB London conference this year.   It is clear that  Sage have started to listen especially Fran and Nick at Sage One. 

Different  products suit different companies.  I think we are still at very early stages with the cloud. I also think they is huge room for improvement.       My clients have been very impress in our trials.  


I would like to vote for Johndon and Witch Doctor .  Once again their help is always appreciated.


Of course I also found Phil from the Paperless office helpful and I am looking forward to seeing how his software works in January.   I am moving to new offices in Jan 2013 and I am actually very excited about next year. 


Kind Regards Sarah Douglas Douglas Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services Glasgow.  

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18th Dec 2012 12:00

Nomination for "Kent accountant"

Kent accountant - another of our regulars who averages more than a comment a day on AccountingWEB, Kent accountant runs a young firm that appears to be thriving by focusing on a niche market of contracting types. Perhaps it is this familiarity with systems experts that comes out in many of his posts, which, like merlyn's, brings a solid, practical perspective to issues including cloud accountingon-line tax resources, and troubleshooting slow internet connections.

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By mrme89
18th Dec 2012 12:03

@ John - I would like to vote Merlyn. I've also nominated him for another award as I don't think he has had a mention yet.

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18th Dec 2012 12:08

Nomination for Paul Wakefield

Known by his user name paulwakefield1, Paul is a 14-year AccountingWEB veteran who has racked up 22 thanks this year for comments, many of which touch on Excel issues ranging from pivot table advice to data import/export problems and Windows system settings.

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18th Dec 2012 12:20

Not to mention Sarah Douglas...

Thanks for joining in the fun and adding to our indecision, Sarah!

I am still working through my list, but any slate for this award has to Sarah too as one of the ever-helpful stalwarts in our Sage 50 Accounts discussion group and for comments on other topics including Embracing TechnologySage client manager and Sage Instant.


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18th Dec 2012 12:25

Nomination for "Witch-Queen"

The phrase "ever-helpful stalwarts in our Sage 50 Accounts discussion group" immediately called to mind another name that should be on our nomination list: Witch-Queen.

Pay a visit to the Sage group, one of the biggest and liveliest on AccountingWEB, and you'll see how useful our panel of Sage experts are on almost a daily basis.




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