Accounts date

Accounts date

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I have shortened the year end of a couple of clients by one day to give them an extra three months to put their records together for filing at Companies House, when I filed them at Companies House I filed them marked as the original year end 31st March 2019 , I intend to put the accounting reference date back to 31st March 2020 and thereon going forwards.  Are the 2019 accounts ok as they are or should they have been marked 30th March 2019.

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07th Feb 2020 12:32

Read Companies Act 2006 S.390 (3)
The Company accounts need to run to a day that is not more that seven days before or after the accounting reference date, so there is no problem with an ARD of 30th March and accounts that go up to the 31st.
If you plan to put the ARD back to the 31st be aware that this is will restrict you ability to lengthen the accounting period for the next five years.

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Replying to GW:
By CW2012
07th Feb 2020 13:00

I will have a read of said Section. Thanks

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By frankfx
07th Feb 2020 14:07

The big retailers adopt the 7 day flexi date .
You are in good company.

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