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Accounts for local Scout Group

Accounts for local Scout Group

I have been asked to act as the Treasurer for the local Scout Group. I am keen to do so and need keep the usual log of monies in and out, a register of who has/hasn't paid their termly subs and whether or not gift aid can be/has been recovered.
I don't want to spend time 're-inventing the wheel' if it can be avoided. Has any A/Web member created spreadsheets which they would be prepared to share (or found an accts package) which will make this task easier
martin curtis


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22nd Oct 2004 18:28

Gift Aid
Make sure you use Gift Aid if possible, for a charity it is a great help.
My suggestion is that you build a gift aid declaration into a termly letter about subs and then it is easy to have all the paperwork together in one place. I am currently in discussion with the IRev to see if we can reclaim the relevant tax on a termly basis as well, usinga few spreadsheet registers.
The IRev (and Scout Association) recommended approach is to get a Gift Aid declaration signed once for all subsequent payments, but this then means that your record keeping and filing needs to be immaculate to link money received with Gift Aid declaration completed.

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