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Accounts Office reference

Accounts Office reference

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Hi All,

I am new in practice in the UK market. Will we automatically receive "Accounts Office reference" after register set up a new company or we need to register online? Because our company set up in December last year. I am not sure if it was missing somewhere. I am looking for advice.




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By doubletrouble
19th May 2021 13:34

You need to register as an Employer to get Accounts office reference and Employers reference

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Replying to doubletrouble:
By Hugo Fair
19th May 2021 14:01

And then (almost certainly) register for a PAYE scheme, plus several other possibles.
In what capacity are you aiming to be 'in practice in the UK market'?

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Replying to Hugo Fair:
By vanhung89vt
19th May 2021 17:42

Some other I did. I still step by step to self-learning. Thanks/ Hung

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By weuk
25th May 2021 12:21

A lot of Accountancy Bodies have checklists for their members which give a step by step insight required to set up a practice.

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All Paul Accountants in Leeds
By paulinleeds
25th May 2021 22:50

I am new in practice in the UK market. Will we automatically receive "Accounts Office reference"?

If you are working in practice and don't understand the difference between registering a limited company and registering for a PAYE scheme, and don't know what an Accounts Office reference is, I would ask if you should even be thinking about being in practice. You have an awful lot to learn!

This a very basic matter. What else do you know / not know if you cannot address this simple matter.

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