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Accounts Prep Software

Accounts Prep Software

Hi All,

Was hoping that someone can suggest a good accounts prep software I can use. Currently have over 20 clients but this is rising month by month. My current method is in excel... works as I am quite competant using excel (worked in corporate finance for 12 years) but feel that if there is a quicker and easier way, then I should transform.

Thanks guys.


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03rd Mar 2012 08:05

Digita Accounts Production does all you want.

I use Digita and I particularly like the integration between all the programs.

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03rd Mar 2012 08:59

Once again and, without question

I have used Keytime, for the last 4 years. The systems have developed to an exceptionally high standard, in that period, with regular updates and seamless transfer into each tax year.

Pricing couldn't be more reasonable and, the support staff are "user friendly".

No, I don't work for Keytime or, have any other interest, other than being a very satisfied user.


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03rd Mar 2012 09:25

VT Accounts... no question!

Excel based, cheap ... will do everything you will ever need. Been using it for 11 years now as have many, many others on here.

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03rd Mar 2012 10:22

Another vote for VT

Very simple to use and flexible too.  Plus comes with the excellent VT Transaction + bookkeeping software too which I did not realise I needed until I got it!

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03rd Mar 2012 16:07

...and for tax?


Apologies for going a bit off topic. Does anyone have any views on the best tax software?

I've seen Taxcalc and BTC recommended. Does anyone have any views on either of those or better someone who has used both and can advise which they felt was better and why? I'm not sure how the pricing compare either.

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03rd Mar 2012 16:29

I use BTC

Which is good - but Taxcalc gets good reviews here too.  I like the fact that I can file VT accounts electronically at Companies House with BTC.

Download trials of both of them and have a go.

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