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which one ?

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Hi there

We currently use Keytime Accounts production and taxation software but I feel very disappointed with it this year.  There are more bugs that need fixing every year and this year has been the worse , figures not carrying over from accounts production to personal tax etc etc.  It's causing me more time and money than I have!

Which software do people recommend?  I was considering switching to Sage as we use the Sage 50 for bookkeeping - Any recommendations would be gratefully received





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By Tim Vane
17th Jun 2019 10:17

The only choice you could make that is worse than anything else would be to go with Sage.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
17th Jun 2019 10:43

What Tim said.

it would help to get a relevant suggestion to explain how big a practice it is.

Clearly you are rather old fashioned if using SAGE for bookkeeping which I know has it fans, but usually from people who have never used anything else in the past 20 years.

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By In a Daze
17th Jun 2019 12:09

We use BTC seems to deal with all our needs. The support team are always very helpful although never had to really use them much.

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By Glenn Martin
17th Jun 2019 15:10

I would look at BTC or Taxcalc they will set you back between £1250 and £1500 per year for unlimited clients.

Taxcalc are creeping prices up though.

If you want cheaper Taxfiler used to be, but is getting the IRIS treatment currently so it could be a frying pan and fire scenario for you.

Not seen Sage practice stuff for years but would imagine it is expensive and not as good as other things available.

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By marks
17th Jun 2019 22:59

Cheap - Taxfiler/VT

Mid Range - Absolute/BTC/Taxcalc

Expensive - SAGE/Digita/IRIS

Depends what you are looking for the software to do eg just purely year end accounts/tax returns or are you looking for other things eg practice management, time recording, auto letters, company secretarial etc.

We used to use IRIS but moved last year to Taxcalc (having previously used Taxcalc before). Staff love Taxcalc they find it easier to use and more intuitive that IRIS. We use Taxcalc for all accounts/tax returns/cover letters for accounts and tax returns and we use Glide for job management/timesheet recording/job scheduling/auto email/texts chasing records and Inform Direct for company secretarial.

Staff of 5 and about 200 clients.

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