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Accounts production and Taxation Software

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We are a small practice preparing sole trader, partnership and limited company accounts along with the associated tax returns.

We have been using Sage accounts production advanced and taxation.  However, we are getting increasingly frustrated with Sage, we seem to be having issues with most clients one way or the other.  Sage are increasingly unhelpful and don't seem to be able to correct really basic errors within the standard wording of the accounts. 

The accounts produced at times are shockingly bad and something we don't really want to put our names too and don't get me started on the pile of rubbish (techncial term!) that gets submitted to Companies House for filing.

The other issue we have is that there are two of us, at the moment we have to share a PC if one of us wants to use the software, Sage want to charge us a fortune for multiple licences.

Basically, we've had enough and want to investigate other options, we've used Iris in the past, but are there any other reliable options out there?


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By stanbu
29th Sep 2017 14:32

This question comes up regularly. Do a search on the site for previous threads. I use VT Accounts and Taxfiler

Taxfiler can also produce accounts but I have not used it for that as I am happy with VT Accounts.

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By bernard michael
29th Sep 2017 14:35

VT for accounts, Taxcalc for taxation & Moneysoft for payroll are what I use to good effect
All are easy to use and support when needed is exemplary
What anyone uses Sage always baffles me as it has none of the above attributes

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By In a Daze
29th Sep 2017 14:36

We use BTC and all my clients are now using xero so they both play nicley together.The reason we use use xero is it is the only bookeeping software that can handle all the add ons we use.

A more cost effective solution could be taxfiler which is cloud based and works with quickbooks.

Quite a few people on here like VT personally i hate it however, it is good value

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By andy.partridge
29th Sep 2017 15:10

This question seems to come up every week and has been answered comprehensively many times. A search would have saved you the trouble of asking and avoided the apparent apathy this time round from members.

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By mabzden
29th Sep 2017 17:15

We use Gbooks for both accounts and tax returns. It's integrated so will save you a bit of time.

Defo dump Sage.

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Replying to mabzden:
By Tornado
29th Sep 2017 18:11

Gbooks also soon to have cloud based book-keeping.

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