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Accounts production software for business

Accounts production software for business

Can anyone recommend any accounts production software to be used in the corporate envrionment for a group consisting of 20 statutory entities all productions accounts in IFRS and needing to file iXBRL accounts with HMRC?

Many thanks


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11th May 2012 20:20

Hi Kirti

I would definitely recommend Iris in this scenario. We use it for all of our iXBRL filing and we also do iXBRL accounts for companies that the CT is done by the big four.

Also allows easy import of TB's via csv so you can prepare your accounts on the accounting software you currently use and then drop it into Iris for final accounts and iXBRL work.

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17th May 2012 14:03


Hi Kirti,

This question is not as simple as it may first appear as their is IFRS and IFRS.  There are a few packages on the market which can do simple IFRS accounts, but if your client has compex entities may I recommend

Kind regards,

Shez Hamill

Sales Manager

CaseWare UK

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By slarti
19th May 2012 10:01

How many transactions?

How complex?

I have seen corporate entities with only 10 transactions per year and others with thousands per day.

Plus the levels of consolidation can make a difference.

If the companies are busy as to transactions then surely the answer is to get the day to day accounting software right for that and if it is any good then it will also have the facility to output to almost any reporting format required.

EG with SunSystems 4 I have customers who produce IFRS, UK GAAP, US GAAP all to SOX compliance levels. iXBRL is output through the reporting package.

Once this was all set up, it is now automatic, other than coping with changes in HMRC requirements as they arise.


So, I would recommend SunSystems 4 or 6, depending on the day to day requirements of the company.

But really, you need to spec out the full requirements and do an ITT.


If you want to go into more detail let me know.

Regards Steve

SunSystems Consultant

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19th May 2012 14:49

When you say...

...'statutory entities', do you mean public bodies (created by statute), as their needs will be even more specific. Just checking

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