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Accounts rejected by Companies House for .....

Accounts rejected by Companies House for .....

the use of Limited rather than the incorporated title of Ltd. Given that I never use the abbreviated Ltd on accounts and have never had a set of accounts rejected in 11 years should I write a really snotty letter suggesting they get a life?!


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06th Jul 2012 09:23

Arrant pedantry, up with which we should not put

I suspect that CH staff confuse such nit picking with quality control.

The point of it escapes me.


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06th Jul 2012 09:24

That just sums up whats wrong with CH/HMRC these days

Pay too much attention to shite[***] like this and not enough where they should.

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06th Jul 2012 09:44


Excellent use of the vernacular to get to the nub. Well done

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06th Jul 2012 09:50

Tut tut!

You're just peeved that your sloppy drafting has been rumbled!  It may seem pedantic to distinguish Limited from Ltd (or is it Ltd.?), but it is the start of a slippery slope.

At the risk of sounding smug, our standard accounts disclosure checklist has always included the question "Is the company name exactly as registered?".

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06th Jul 2012 10:00

Apparantly the other way around is ok!

If the name is Limited you can put Ltd on the accounts if you want, but not vice versa!

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to stepurhan
06th Jul 2012 21:55


zarathustra wrote:

If the name is Limited you can put Ltd on the accounts if you want, but not vice versa!

Ltd is an abbreviation for Limited but there's no reason for the other way round.

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06th Jul 2012 10:24

But consistency Euan?

As I say, I have never used the abbreviation and I have been filing for this one client for about 8 years let alone all of the others who I am sure have any of the 3 variations on a theme. If you are correct Zarathustra (and who is to doubt someone who references Nietzsche!?), then it really is a nonsense.

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06th Jul 2012 10:24

There was a bout of this...

There was a bout of this pedantry twenty years ago. At that time we had rejections for missing full stops or apostrophes. It lasted about 6 months until they found something better to occupy them. Rules are rules, but there's better things to monitor with their limited resources, such as whether the accounts being filed are actually compliant.   

These days, as clients want to hold on to the deadline for filing, I ensure the client is set up on IRIS using the name as it appears at CoHo (complete with requisite full stops, apostrophes, colons and whatever other punctuation they can think of). This ought to save the possibility of having to shell out on late filing penalties where such issues would otherwise arise.


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06th Jul 2012 11:30

Isn't the point that to Companies House LTD is not an abbreviation of LIMITED.

You can have XYZ LTD and XYZ LIMITED (two separate companies).



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06th Jul 2012 11:54

We recently took over a client from another "accountant" and when we downloaded the abbreviated accounts from Companies House the balance sheet didn't - it was out by £40,000. But Companies House didn't notice that!

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06th Jul 2012 12:53

Come off it

What is "Ltd" other than an abbreviation of "Limited"?

If Companies House insist on splitting hairs with this area then it suggests they have far too much time on their hands.



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06th Jul 2012 13:19


If you use software to file the accounts, the accounts will be rejected if the name is not exactly as it should be.

Also, if a company with the name, XYZ Ltd is already on the register, you are not allowed to form a company with the name XYZ Limited.

Bear in mind some clients can be quite fussy also. If I know they are the fussy type, I ask them which they would prefer when setting up a new company for them: Ltd or Limited



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By johnt27
06th Jul 2012 20:40

It's the same for posh limited co's too!

We act for a plc client and their accounts were actually picked up as wrong by the auditors technical department!

Apparently there is a difference between PLC, plc and Plc.

I can see how Co's House computer reject things for not matching the registered address after all how can they be sure they have received accounts for the right company? But why can't they pick up all the other errors and mistakes that seem all too common such as accounts not balancing and references to superceded FRSSE.

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to Manchester_man
06th Jul 2012 21:18

Avoid the problem and file online!

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06th Jul 2012 22:12

Rejected accounts but no reason

I had accounts rejected for no reason.

Companies House looked at the balance sheet date and if the accounting period had been one year the balance sheet wording would have been wrong but the accounting period was for nine months and therefore the balance sheet wording was correct.

Companies House couldn't be bothered to review the rejection and just sent the accounts back. When I got the accounts I was told that there had been a lot of errors like that.

Companies House sent me a letter saying the accounts had not been submitted and there would be late filing penalties soon. I phoned Companies House and said I had submitted them. I was told I had to submit them again. I said once is enough - they can come and collect them if they want.

I was threatened with prosecution of the director if I didn't file them again. My client was supportive but I didn't feel I wanted my client to get involved so I filed them again. If it had been my company I would have refused to submit them again. My defence would have been that I had submitted the accounts on time and correctly. What Companies House do with the accounts after that is their problem.

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07th Jul 2012 17:49


File online guys and avoid the stress!

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09th Jul 2012 08:45


That's what I do now although I don't like the template. I do have Digita Company Secretarial which allows automatic online filing using my accounts production software.

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09th Jul 2012 09:30

a couple of comments

Accounts filed online are still looked at by a human operator and can still be rejected for trivia, 2-3 hours after filing.

Also you can not (anymore?) register companies with the same name and differing only in "Ltd" vs. "Limited". The "same name" rules are at

In particular schedule 2 paragraph 1(a)


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