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Accounts Template for Buy to Let Company.

Need a template to report to Companies House and HMRC for my renting business.

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Hi, Has someone got a basic template I can use for my new buy to let company.




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By johngroganjga
03rd Dec 2019 21:43

You need more than a template. Your accounts for HMRC will have to be in iXBRL format.

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By ArranP
03rd Dec 2019 23:05

I use VT Software for iXBRL, an Excel Add-in... and for Absolute for CT600.

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By SXGuy
04th Dec 2019 07:15

You cant just type up a set of accounts you need software which will convert them to ixrbl.

Good luck!

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
04th Dec 2019 09:08


Hopefully the tax advisor who advised you to form a limited company to hold your let property (and no doubt explained in detail the significant CGT disadvantages of such a move, and why not many people who understand the tax are doing it) also explained your filing requirement and fact you will almost certainly need to hire an accountant?

Or did you just form a company, buy a property through it on the basis that everyone was doing it, and hope for the best?

If the latter you are going to sorely regret not taking that 30 minutes free consultation 18 months ago for the next X years when filing the accounts.

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By Kevin Kavanagh
04th Dec 2019 11:04

Oh dear Martin,

You have presumably spent a considerable amount of money on one or more buy to lets which you've locked into your new limited company. This may or may not be a good move (it probably isn't). But whatever, you now urgently need to appoint a local accountant before you get into even more of a mess. He or she is too late to undo what you've already done but at least hopefully will be skilled at damage limitation.

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