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Accounts when striking off company?

Accounts when striking off company?

A friend incorporated a company in September, he hasn't traded as such, but has bought a van for company use.

He decided to close the business only two months later due to being offered a full time job.

My question is that as it has not traded, will he need to do accounts when the time comes, a tax return, ct600, annual return etc?

Although he has not traded it was still classed as an 'active' company on CH.

It was not dormant.

Many thanks guys.


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04th Jan 2013 16:52

You dont have to do anything...

...see my article on the subject Striking off a company - Get it Right 

The text says:

Companies Act (‘CA’) 2006 s1000 - gives the Company Registrar the legal right to strike off a company if he has reason to believe that the company is no longer in business. Proof will be in the form of failure to submit accounts and/or non response to letters sent to the company’s registered office.

But if you dont want to wait...

CA 2006 s1003 - gives the directors the right to apply for the company to be struck off'.

The article goes on to give the procedure in bullet point format


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