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Accrual for furlough payment

Should accrual be made for furlough grant

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I have my own view on this but would be interested in other opinions.  Company with 31st March year end makes a claim for furlough grant on 22nd April which covers period from 20 March.  At the year end there was nothing receiveable so should the proportion of the grant which relates to 20th - 31st March be accrued in the accounts?

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By johngroganjga
06th May 2020 21:43


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By tltodman
06th May 2020 22:20

Yep - exactly what I have done in my 31/3 year ends and management accounts

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By Mr_awol
06th May 2020 23:27

Subject of course to it being an amount worth bringing in, yes.

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By Duggimon
07th May 2020 08:55

The staff were furloughed at the 31st, the scheme was announced by then and the government had guaranteed the payment was coming. The amount was receivable, it's just the admin that hadn't been done.

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By tom123
07th May 2020 11:17

And presumably by now the actual funding has also been received as further comfort.

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