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We have been approached by this software provider. Has anyone got any experience with it?

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Ivor Windybottom
By Ivor Windybottom
01st Dec 2023 09:19

Not heard of that one. Interesting website. Very new company on Co's House, which would be a concern as to stability, profitability, etc.

Person with significant control seems to have prior links to Capium, so that may give some clues, but personally I would not want to be a "guinea pig" with this until they have a longer track record.

Depending on what you are looking for you may find the functionality you desire in something like FYI Docs, or perhaps Virtual Cabinet?

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Replying to Ivor Windybottom:
By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
01st Dec 2023 10:20

90% ownership lies with Seven Oceans Group Limited*, an infant holding company with just £207 of capital and reserves. Major shareholders include an Indian "Entrepreneur" and an Indian CA.

*I'm deducting ten points for their miscount of the number of Oceans - there are, at most, just five on my planet. Change the name to Seven Seas, lads!

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By Bara N
01st Dec 2023 09:41

Thank you for your input. I have the same concerns.
We are looking to replace Iris, but we are also using other pieces of softwares e.g Glide, Xero, Go Proposal and CRM and it’s not that efficient as expected as none of these softwares don’t really talk to each other.

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By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
01st Dec 2023 09:43

Accounts Production
System Logs
SA100 Filing
CT600 Filing
AML Checks
2 Factor Authentication
Deadline Manager
Engagement Letters
Technical Informative Reminders
Cloud Integration
Task Management
Data Security
etc etc

It certainly appears to be all-singing and all-dancin'.

Towards the bottom of their webpage is a section entitled "Working with our Trusted Partners" that displays the logos of five firms: Debitam, Welbeck and Bradwell, McMillan Woods, BKS, and The Company Formation. I guess if you were to peruse each of those more established companies' components then you'd be better-placed to assess ActingOffice's patchwork product..

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By Duggimon
01st Dec 2023 11:33

I never deal with any software suppliers who approach me, I always do the approaching.

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01st Dec 2023 13:26

There is no pricing info on website. I tend to ignore such systems unless there have been many recommendations as I do not want to waste a lot of time booking a call, getting a heavy sales pitch only to discover it is too expensive. A pricing guide would help decide whether it is worth looking at.

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By Postingcomments
02nd Dec 2023 14:03

Is Bara N connected to them and doing a bit of free advertising? I reckon it's at least an 80% chance of that.

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By Bara N
02nd Dec 2023 14:15

No, Bara N is not connected to them. I work for accounting practice and looking for advice here about something I’ve never heard of and can’t find any reviews about.


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By Kim Swain
20th Feb 2024 11:51

I've just had a sales call with them - it does actually sound interesting as I also suffer the lack of integration between the other more established software components.

There is definitely a connection with Debitam which they say has 25,000 clients and £10m of revenue and the purpose of developing the Acting Office system was to enable the management of such a client base.

They were somewhat resistant to give pricing information which is a bad sign but I await their further communication.

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Replying to Kim Swain:
By FactChecker
20th Feb 2024 14:39

"25,000 clients and £10m of revenue" sounds like a 'factory' to me ... which would explain *their* interest in max automation. Whether that makes it relevant to you is for you to decide.

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