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Corp Tax repayments

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We have dismantled out system for checking CT rebates.

Previously, we have a chase system set up with mutliple calls and letters to secure CT rebates.

Now a simple note on the file, ticked off, and done as HMRC seem to be actually paying them out unprompted.

One wonders how many thousands of hours of calls and letters this has saved HMRC and Agents just by doing their basic job first time, unprompted.

if they could extend this idea of actually providing a prompt service accross the organisation, who knows how time and effort could be saved by both parties.

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By rmillaree
23rd May 2024 11:49

yes ct services massively upped their game about 12-18 months ago.

at that time they at least put in place for issue to be sorted within 7 days if the normal 6-8 weeks standard timeframe had passed. imho that change was exactly what was needed as previously they took no responsibility even where you chased them.

Now that system has ben in place for 12 months i supect most of teh stuff they were wasting time never dealing with despite reminders have now been sorted.

i am almost 100% certain that their "worklist" did not exist as a worklist and that basically they had no worklist - they were that poor - hopefully now they also have internal list of items they need to look at that they can actually cross reference.

i suspect it will probably only take 80% of the staff time at most to do it right first time - compared to their prior shambles so hopefully this is shining example of exactly what they need to replicate in other hmrc departments - simple system of either doing teh job - or ensuring you do it promptly if you have been chased once (after reasonable wait)

i would say hmrc are not making no progress here - we now can view all taxes as agents we can have ongoing direct debits for paye and vat - and we can view live paye data via incoe record viewer - this is very useful data that we simply did not have back in the day - so well done for hmrc in making soem progress - they simply ned to be better at doing stuff like that - ie itb was ffin ridiculous agents had to wait 15 years to view paye and vat when ct and sa were alwasy viewable - get your prioities right hmrc.

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By rmillaree
23rd May 2024 11:52

hopefully they will up their game ref L2P / s455 reclaims too

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
23rd May 2024 14:26

I would suggest it must radically cut the processing time to just issue rebates and not muck about. Probably more like 20% of the time of doing it first time vs waiting until you get 2 or 3 calls or whatever it was before before bothering to press the button on it.

I couldnt run my business if I had to field 3 or 4 reminders before I did anything - I would never do anything other thand field reminders.

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Replying to ireallyshouldknowthisbut:
By rmillaree
23rd May 2024 14:35

yes you could possibly be right - what is annoying is that i have actually done so many of these on the phone there and then if you are lucky enough to get teh right skilled advisor - being frank its normally just a couple of boxes being tciked and checked then job done - albeit there may be other behind the scenes checks ref issuing refunds - up till now the issue has always ben that its parked not being actioned or some numpty making up ridiculous reason as to why it couldnt be actioned and that referal was needed with no set timeframe.

fair play to ct services theya re probably better overall than sa dedicated line which has really gone downhill over the last 5 years - that is imho mostly due to them finding any number of items that the advisors now cant do theer on tehn phone when they could do on the phone there and then - madness indeed.

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By FactChecker
23rd May 2024 15:53

As you say, credit where credit is (apparently) due ... and fully endorse the fact, obvious to all apart from HMRC up to now, that getting things done quickly would massively reduce their workload.
Next ... quickly AND correctly!

In my occasional Eeyore mode, I just hope this isn't one of their brief moves into 'pay then check' (in order to clear some backlog) - which actually just defers the workload to whenever they finally start checking (and querying/retracting)!

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By rmillaree
23rd May 2024 18:01

ct services have alwasy been ultra cautious imho - they ned to check and apporve any refund for example and if the detail isnt 1005 to their liking they will kick up a fuss - eg with losses carried back if its not prior year they want ful chapter and verse . so no strandard drop that i have noticed ref ct services.

sa is another ketlle of fish in that thney are more prone to process anything and also randonly adjust returns if they see fit whether right or wrong

its anything othen rthan plaster over the wounds as far as i can see - albeit no certanties here as we know where hmrc feel its fine to emove helplines if they suits them

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