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adding like items in worksheets (2)

adding like items in worksheets (2)

Thanks to David and Richard for your earlier advise and answers to my original query.

Unfortunately, I am a real +1+2+3 excel student.

David - could you please explain how to use vlookup? I have looked at the help in excel but fail to understand how to apply it.


Once again, I have tried the formulae and looked at excel help, but am still confused. Do I press ctrl+shift+enter sfter I have typed out the formule, then excel will insert {}, or do I press ctrl+shift+enter when they are required in the formulae?

Is there a quick way of getting excel to recongnise all the worksheet in the formulae without having to manually input the worksheet names?

In your last example, what does G1:G3 represent? Are they worksheets names G1 through to G3?

Sorry for being thick. Again. I do try but struggle sometimes.

Thank again in anticipation.
Alan Wilson


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07th Nov 2007 15:08

send us a sample
Alan, it's always a lot easier to understand the problem if we can actually see the data.

Any chance of sending me a sample? Obviously, change any sensitive information. Address david(dot)carter(at)moose(dot)co(dot)uk

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