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Adding percentage calculation to Sage 50 P&L Report

Adding percentage calculation to Sage 50 P&L...

I want to modify the Profit and Loss (Actual Budget & Variance) Report  so that it shows the percentage of one detail line total as relating to the total Category cost of a different Category.  Its a variant of the calculate costs as a percentage of total sales type of facility.In this case the Sales Category contains several lines of detail, one of which Sales Type A is the divisor.  The second Category is Direct Labour, comprising Labour Type 1 and Labour Type 2.  I want to define an expression which will calculate the Direct Labour Category cost as a percentage of the Sales Type A, for the actual and budget, this period and year to date.

Can this be done?


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05th Jul 2012 11:10

Core Blimey

Anything complicated is far better done on Sage data after extracting it to a spreadsheet. There are plenty of weak programming areas that are hidden except when you try to do high faluting things within the program.

Johndon I am sure will come to your rescue on this, but as a user of many years, I would rather not tinker too much with the Sage reports - I've more interesting things to do with my time.

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to AnnAccountant
05th Jul 2012 11:17

cor blimey moonbeam

Yes normally I would run a mile and Excel is a GREAT friend, but my boss has set his heart on this ...

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to AnnAccountant
05th Jul 2012 11:20

Cor Blimey indeed...

Moonbeam wrote:
Johndon I am sure will come to your rescue on this

I'll see what I can do but I'm not sure it is possible...


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05th Jul 2012 11:19

cor blimey moonbeam II

We used to be able to do this easily in line100, but then Sage improved it ...

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05th Jul 2012 11:33

This *%*%&^% report

Thanks John.  In terms of the nominal accounts that make up the figures, what I need is to print the calculation (as below) on the Direct Costs category sub total line.

The calculation is <sum(nominal accounts 50**-51**) / sum(nominal accounts 40**)>

I don't know (I'm not that conversant with Sage 50 reports yet beyond the basics) but that seemed to me to be the way to think of it.

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