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additions in excel 2003

additions in excel 2003

I use Excel 2003 for clients' sales spreadsheets which include VAT

Whenever I set up a new sheet I can never remember how to have the totals added as stated, not rounded up so that the actual additons are incorrect.

Can anyone remind me please?


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16th Jun 2011 11:59


If you round the figures at cell level, then the totals will always be correct.

Formula is:


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16th Jun 2011 12:41

Options -precision as displayed

You might mean this - but be careful it does exactly what it says on the tin


Tools - Options - Calculation tab - tick precision as displayed

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17th Jun 2011 09:23

Precision as displayed

Thank you Democratus.

That is exactly what I was looking for, and what I used previously. I have gross, VAT, & Net columns and use a formula for both net & VAT but the 'Z' column addition option rounds the figures, so the net & VAT are not true additions.

I have now written down the way to do it so I won't forget in future. These senior moments do catch up with you eventually!

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17th Jun 2011 10:34

More on rounding

Democratus is right to warn about the use of 'Precision as displayed'. There's a lot more on rounding, including a 'Precision as displayed' horror story here:

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