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Adjusting PAYE code?

Adjusting PAYE code?

Hi all.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I would like to extend my personal allowance for the tax year 12/13 for allowable expenses permitted by HMRC.

Is it as simple as writing to your local tax office to request a new PAYE code?

Suprised there isn't an online database with HMRC you can request such an action with (or at least not that I know of!).

Cheers all,



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28th Mar 2012 08:52

Yes, it should be as simple as

writing to your tax office (the one shown on your most recent notice of coding) and explaining what changes you suggest are necessary. You will of course need to include; your national insurance number and, your employers tax reference (all of which should be shown on the last notice of coding, or you will already have this information).

Letters are (usually) not answered quickly and, you could try to speak to someone, on the telephone, initially. HMRC are not geared to email communication (except further up the food chain, between account managers and advisers). In other words you can do everything online, except communicate!

Have you also thought about claims for previous years? For that you would need to complete Forms P87 (tax relief for expenses of employment). You can only revisit the last four tax years though, so do look at this aspect, fairly quickly.

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By Coeus
31st Mar 2012 08:54

Hi Time for change!


Thanks I called this morning got straight through no problems.


This is my first year of membership so no back dating for me!


My PAYE code has been extended no problems simple as. Very pleased!

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