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Adverts on Accountingweb

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Do they really need to be everywhere and more importantly in the way? It's most annoying and the ads aren't even tailored to me.

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paddle steamer
16th Mar 2021 23:32

So true, right now all my pop up adverts elsewhere are for gardening items , it is a reflection of the time of year, they feature compost, plants, fruit trees, seeds, large pots, twine etc. Sometimes other ebay items get a look in but books and gardening are the main ones right now.

Now I need to go and find water trays for under my shuttle trays and some outdoor staging as I am really short of space (it is not a large garden, only 800 sq ft)

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Replying to DJKL:
By Hugo Fair
16th Mar 2021 23:54

Sorry, but why does 'relevance' matter? Do you ever click on these unrequested adverts (or indeed respond to those unsolicited cards that are pushed through the letter-box)? I can't work out if I'm merely out-of-time or an absolute control freak (quite possibly both), but I'm no more tempted (or distracted) by adverts on a web-page than by billboards at the side of the road.
They're easy enough to ignore without any conscious decision ... indeed I had to go look to see to what you were referring - only to find a 'banner' section (just under the question and before the first response) that I'd been paging/scrolling past without noticing that the 'irrelevant' space contained adverts!
Why anyone would pay to place these adverts is of course another question?

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Jason Croke
By Jason Croke
17th Mar 2021 06:54

Some optimisation for mobile devices might be useful as they nearly fill half my screen until I close for the adverts themselves....websites either have a paid for subscription model or they go free with adverts, its the way of the world.....all this "free" advice and content isn't actually free at the end of the day.

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By Andy556
17th Mar 2021 07:58

I didn't use accountingweb for ages because of this. The ads were everywhere to the point it made the website unusable.

Install an adblocker, the ads are blocked instantly

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A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
17th Mar 2021 08:53

Yes adblocker, but generally you can't complain too much about ads on a free site. And its not as if they are for gaming or dating (more's the pity, AccountantBingo might be fun but AccountantDating, don't go there!), funeral plans or something that looks like a USB stick that cures erectile dysfunction, apparently (I wonder if Gary Numan is seeing an unexpected, er, uplift in his Spotify royalties as a consequence).

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By TaxTeddy
17th Mar 2021 08:53

FYI - I never see a single ad on this site - I use Brave browser which takes care of such things. Brave is an offshoot of the Chrome browsers but also this was the case with Firefox with Adblock Plus enabled.

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By Duggimon
17th Mar 2021 09:47

Use adblock, it's quicker to install than to write a post here complaining about ads.

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Maddy Christopher
By Maddy Christopher
17th Mar 2021 10:50

Hi all,

We recently reduced the number of ads following a user request, so this might be in error.

If anyone could send across screenshots of the ads they're seeing, we can get this reviewed.

Feel free to email me privately with screenshots. Full width if possible.

Many thanks, in advance.

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Replying to Maddy Christopher:
By Paul Crowley
17th Mar 2021 11:00

So easy to double post in error

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
Maddy Christopher
By Maddy Christopher
17th Mar 2021 11:11

I was impatient and double clicked! The fatal error!

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
17th Mar 2021 12:03

That nice Mr Hattersley keeps popping up when I visit the site inviting me to join him or something.

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Replying to Red Leader:
By stepurhan
17th Mar 2021 14:36

Me too.

He does have a friendly face, but I do still close them as soon as I am able.

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Replying to stepurhan:
Richard Hattersley
By Richard Hattersley
17th Mar 2021 15:10

Ha! @Red Leader and @stepurhan You both have made my day :-)

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17th Mar 2021 15:18

It would be helpful if you could get rid of that thing that pops up at the bottom of the screen (middle) with rolling ads of various kinds - It almost crowds out Mr Hattersley, pop up, which would never do!!

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Replying to JD:
Maddy Christopher
By Maddy Christopher
17th Mar 2021 15:57

Hi JD,

I'm not seeing these ads on my end. Could you send us a screenshot?


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By FirstTab
18th Mar 2021 14:32

Since day 1 of joining this site, I did NOT install adblocker as a way to support this site.

About 2 months ago, Sift went overboard with their ads, I now have adblocker.

I thought through testing would be done before implementing changes. It does not appear to be the case in this instance.

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