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I am currently studying with ICAS in practice but looking to possibly move into industry. I'm not 100% certain of what I want to do, but I'm looking to move. Does anyone know about how easy it is to move part qualified, if it's easy enough for me to move anywhere (assuming any potential employer agrees to pay for me to continue my studies), and where best to look for work. 
I have a feeling that perhaps an asset management company or maybe a bank would be more what I am looking for - a large organisation with potential for growth and development.

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By tom123
15th May 2016 19:46

I can't help thinking it would be so much easier to move once fully qualified? Then you don't come with any baggage..
Could you stick your existing job until then, or is it too bad??

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Mike Cooper HJS
By mike_uk_1983
16th May 2016 09:27

I would suggest you speak to local recruitment agents. Hays, CMA, Reed etc. They will best be able to help you gauge the options open to you currently.

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Tax Manager
By Dynamo1224
16th May 2016 12:36

I'm part qualified ICAEW and I moved jobs in March. I found that because people don't generally move halfway through qualifying there was a high demand in the market. Stick a CV on reed, you'll be bombarded by emails and calls but then you can sort through the messages and decide which opportunities are worth pursuing in your own time.

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By Zebedee Zibidad
16th May 2016 13:16

Forestry Commission?

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By taxman101
16th May 2016 17:05

Thank you everyone for your replies. It's not urgent and I could stick out in my current job, but I feel that I'm ready to start moving more along the career path that I'm interested in.
I've heard very little about people actually moving part qualified so I'm not too sure what's involved with regards to fee payback.

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Replying to taxman101:
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By tom123
16th May 2016 20:00

With regard to fees - that will depend on your contract of employment, and any additional documentation you signed when fees were paid etc.

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