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Advice on relocating to USA

employment career advice for US move

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Dear all

im in position where family are seeking to relocate to US to help grow wife’s business interest.  She seems fairly well boxed off for visa, etc c.

has anyone any advice about how to tackle the visa issue and accessing the employment market whilst still in UK.

Currently FD role in SME within property and investment.

have had much fire side advice! 


Thanks for any help and or pointers



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24th Jan 2018 08:11

It's not really our field.

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24th Jan 2018 13:05


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24th Jan 2018 14:42

Sorry to hear your wife has been boxed.

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to Red Leader
24th Jan 2018 14:50

How else is she supposed to be shipped?

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to Portia Nina Levin
24th Jan 2018 19:43

Well done you for not making a "blue" comment.

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