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advice on TaxCalc Practice Manager Plus

Suitable PM software

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We're a small, growing practice and with 3 principals and 4 staff we need to improve our job tracking and automation.

Our tax work centres around TaxCalc so we're looking here first. They have recently released Practice Manager Plus so my questions are :

Does anyone use this product and have any advice about it ?

If you discounted it would you recommend an alternative ?

How did you setup your software - DIY or professional support and how did it go ?

We're in the early stages and don't want to take a leap in the dark. Thanks.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
12th Mar 2020 09:58

We use Taxcalc for tax/accounts, but their PM is very new so personally I wouldn’t touch it for a year-or-two. But that’s because I already have one in place - my experience off TaxCalc is that they’re very good at working with firms to get the edits you want, so if you’re happy to go on the journey with them, it might be work a look.

We use Glide, which is very very flexible. That does mean it takes a lot of inputting/setting up and only integrates in a very basic fashion with Xero (imports invoices raised to be matched against WiP, if you use Glide Time), and CoHo (matches YE and CS01 date to Companies). As I say, inputting clients is a lot heavier work than, say, AccountancyManager, but the workflows & auto emails/tx are as flexible as you want then to be - it comes with a few templates but you literally write the workflows yourself (it’s easier than it sounds).

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Replying to atleastisoundknowledgable...:
By gerrysims
12th Mar 2020 12:32

Thanks that's helpful I'll look at Glide. We have Senta and AM on the list too but was hoping someone may have tried TaxCalc.

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Replying to gerrysims:
By atleastisoundknowledgable...
12th Mar 2020 12:41

Last year (about 2 yrs into Glide), I decided to start looking at other options as I was going through an ‘automate everything’ period.

I decided that the saved time on inputting client details wasn’t worth the reduced flexibility offered by Senta & AM. Workflows are ultimately what we want PM software for, so that needs to take priority. I have workflows for everything from onboarding (chasing prof clearance, AML, HMRC auth), to making sure apps are set up where relevant (AutoEntry, Tripcatcher etc), to just YE accounts. Having different ‘routes’ on the same workflow is great - my Accounts workflow is different depending whether for that client it’s a bank statements job, they do bkpg, we do bkpg, we do bkpg & mgmts. All routes have automated emails that go out to directors / bkprs / FDs as relevant at relevant points. Might be ‘send us your bank statements’ or ‘we’ve just applied for PAYE authorisation- please send it to us when you get a letter from HMRC’.

As I said, I went through a phase of being disenchanted with it, but actually it’s great.

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