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Advise on CTA after ACCA exams.

Advise on CTA after ACCA exams.

Hi everyone,

First post on this forum by the way.

A bit of info: I am studying for ACCA, I got 5 exemptions from the degree I did (BA Hons Business Management with Professional Accounting) and have started on papers F6 and F9 for the June sitting. I have also opted in for the Oxford Brookes BSc Applied Accounting.

After I have finished studying ACCA I want to study CTA.

So I am after a few bits of information:

1. With being ACCA qualified, what sort of salary should I be expecting?

2. With being ACCA qualified and working towards CTA, what salary should I be expecting? (If my employer sponsors it)

3. With being ACCA and CTA qualified what salary should I expect?

4. Would it be worthwhile studing CTA if I am ACCA qualified?

5. Can you get exempt from a few papers of CTA if you are ACCA Qualified?.

Sorry but I do have many questions, your response would be very much appreciated.



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11th Apr 2011 06:52

no idea about salary

Having been happily self employed for over 10 years I can't comment on salary, but CTA was the best decision I made after doing ACA.  When I did it, you got no exemptions in the final paper (but didn't have to sit ATT, which you otherwise would have to first).

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11th Apr 2011 10:22


The CTA told me I was only exempt from... I think it is the ethics paper, might be the law one, just one of the minor ones anyway.

So at best you will have to do all the 'proper' papers and avoid a 'fufty' (technical term) paper.

Just to put it out there, while there is nothing wrong with doing the CTA straight off the bat, the ATT can be done cheaply and quickly (I walked it in 12 months by just buying the text books, you could do it in 6 months if you were confident of you ability) and would be an excellent 'warm up' to the CTA. 

I'm told that the CTA is going to be my Waterloo...

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By ag2414
02nd May 2011 20:34

CTA Books

I have current year CTA text books  available for sale at very good prices. Send me a message if anyone is interested!

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