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Advise re change from Ltd Co to sole trader

Client changing from limited company to sole trader

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Hi - many thanks in advance for taking the time to read my query. I have a client who wishes to change from limited company to sole trader. The activity has hugely reduced from starting up as a ltd company and the numbers are minimal so I do think this is a good idea. The company itself owns a property (flat) which it rents out (mortgage fully paid off) and this is the only income to the business. So I'm guessing the major issue to consider is the sale of this property will undoubtedly result in a capital gain liable to CGT for the owner. There is also a creditor account for directors loan so the business needs to pay back the loan to the director but there is not enough cash in the bank. What is the best way of going about this? Is there anything else I'm missing out on?! I'm also wondering about what to charge to the client for dealing with this. I imagine there's a load of admin involved re HMRC and Companies House but not much more than that. Again, thanks in advance.

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By bernard michael
10th Jul 2018 14:35

Question 1
Do they want to keep the property ?

Everything else derives from that

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By jcace
10th Jul 2018 14:38

The gain will be taxable on the company.
The funds from the sale will also belong to the company and might therefore be sufficient to repay the director's loan.
Don't forget to consider any stamp duty implications of the property transfer.

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By Lkc77
12th Jul 2018 12:48

Many thanks .

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