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Aegon CGT

How to get a CGT report?

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Hi all,

Has anyone had any experience with Aegon investments? It seems they don't provide a capital gains summary as a matter of course, and on asking clients to request it from them they just send a full list of transactions that have ever happened which is not particularly helpful.

Is there someway to get a CGT report or are they just useless?


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By gainsborough
22nd May 2020 22:16

Hi Paul. Yes, have had a capital gains/loss summary provided by Aegon in previous tax years. If the client has a financial adviser they may also have been sent a copy of this if that helps.

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Replying to gainsborough:
By Paul Hawes
27th May 2020 16:42

Thanks for your response, will get them to get in touch with their adviser then which hopefully will resolve the issue.

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