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Affinity Live/ Practice Launchpad or Workflow Max

Affinity Live/ Practice Launchpad or Workflow Max

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The common question of choosing a different Practice Management software reared it's head for me recently.

After doing some research on AWEB and reading Howard Marks excellent list of options, I've test driven most.

My main considerations were:

1. Needed to be cloud based

2. Needed the ability to manage tasks/ jobs automatically if possible

3. Simple to use

4. Ability to be used as a CRM and can produce letters/ emails from fields in the system

I don't need timesheets

I narrowed it down to three, none of which are perfect (I can' find anything that is) - Affinity Live, Practice Launchpad and Workflow Max

Affinity Live looks the most comprehensive, but isn't tailored to accountants.

Is anyone using any of these three systems?  If so, what is your experience and would you make the same choice again?

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By FirstTab
17th May 2015 16:16

Xero Practice Manager - WFM

Hello Stewie, we use Xero Practice Manager, previously called Work Flow Max. 

It is free to Xero silver (I think) partners. In the early days we had difficulties with it. It is not geared to UK accountants. Further, it is not out of box usage.

It requires some thought and trial and error to have the way you want to use it. 

It is now acceptable for us. It has become our practice engine. If you go for Xero PM, please persist with it, you will, in the end. find it of use. 

Being cloud based is a major plus.

If you were in New Zealand, then Xero PM would be wow. It has both Xero's final accountants a and  tax software linked to it. 

Xero remains tight lipped (or just waffle) about Xero final accounts in UK. 




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