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Agent Account Managers (AAMs)

Agent Account Managers (AAMs)

Agent Account Managers.

has anyon eused   Has anyone used them  and if so did you find them useful?


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By SteveOH
29th Mar 2012 22:37

Yes and Yes

I have had occasion to use them twice. I found them to be very helpful and, in both cases, they solved my particular problem speedily.

Bear in mind, you must first of all have tried other avenues to resolve the issue.

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30th Mar 2012 09:31

Exactly the same experience

for me.

Long may this arrangement continue.

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30th Mar 2012 11:43

Not lately

Used them a couple of times previousy with good results.  However, my colleague contacted them last week and they were completely useless.  He still hadn;t got back to us by early this week so we called again and were given a separate case reference.  Then we got a call back from the 2nd case reference and got told off for bothering them before they had an answer!  This individual we spoke to first time around didn't seem to know what day of the week it was...

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