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Agent authorisation delays?

Agent authorisation delays


I have applied for 6 codes which are all due to expire in the next few days. 

I have applied for one of the codes (address is the clients address) over 4 times now and nothing has turned up. One of the companies has my address as the registered office so I know it has not arrived, its not the client failing to pass the letter onwards.

Is anyone else experiencing delays? Just wondering if it is something at my end. I have never had issues before but the past few months have been very difficult and I am missing RTI deadlines due to codes not arriving.




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20th Nov 2017 11:37

I think the whole system is creaking. I have not had a problem with receiving codes but I have had a problem following submission of the codes with the clients not appearing in my client list.

Oh well, I suppose MTD will sort all this out :-)

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By acceje
20th Nov 2017 14:26

Are you sure that HMRC are sending the codes to the right address - several times I have had the problem that HMRC has an old address on file. If you ring them and explain they will update if necessary.

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20th Nov 2017 15:41

They do take forever. I sent a 64-8 for PAYE authorisation early October, which shouldn't have been required since we are authorised for CIS which can't exist without PAYE as far as HMRC are concerned.

Problem is, I can't file CIS returns without the PAYE authorisation, too. Even worse, online authorisation failed inexplicably, despite only needing the PAYE and AO refs, both taken from HMRC's own notification.

Anyhoo, still waiting.

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By Matrix
20th Nov 2017 19:11

I have had no delays, have had PAYE, SA and CT codes arriving fine this month.

Why do you need to be agent to file RTI? You only need to be agent to get the employee tax code changes I believe.

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to Matrix
21st Nov 2017 09:36

No matter how many times I try to file the CIS returns, it gets rejected with an authentication error. I have no idea why.

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