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Agent Authorisation for client newly registered for VAT

Agent Authorisation for new VAT client

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I have a new client who has just registered for VAT and I am trying to get Agent Authorisation to do her VAT Returns online.  However, when I tried to get the authorisation online, 2 of the obligatory questions were: "Final month of last VAT Return submitted" and "Box 5 figure on last VAT Return submitted".  As no Returns have been submitted, I am unable to answer these questions.

Does this mean I am not able to be an authorised agent until after the first VAT Return has been submitted?

I tried phoning the VAT Helpline but having got to the end of the menus was told that all the agents were busy, try later, and then was disconnected!

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
08th Aug 2016 11:02

You need to enter N/A for last VAT return submitted and 0.00 in the last box 5 figure to get it to work.

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Replying to Glennzy:
By janefg
08th Aug 2016 11:38

Thank you, I will try that.

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Red Kite
By Red Kite
08th Aug 2016 11:12

You obviously tried to contact the Vat "help"-line!

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Replying to Red Kite:
By janefg
08th Aug 2016 11:37

Silly me!

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By lionofludesch
08th Aug 2016 11:45

No, if I remember right, there's a N/A option on the month and enter £0.00 for the amount.

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By Cloudcounter
08th Aug 2016 14:09

Wouldn't it be helpful if the authorisation process for VAT was similar to SA, PAYE, CT etc - reference and post code. None of the others ask for details of past payments or date of registration.

And wouldn't it be helpful if emails from VAT actually quoted the VAT number instead of an asterisk for every other character. No other department does that.

Joined up thinking? Not a hope.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
08th Aug 2016 15:37

There are a lot of issues for logging into VAT filing at the moment, with several fixes on HMRC. One of my clients who pays a lot of VAT couldnt get on last week to file return .

So paid the VAT but all HMRC could do was issue some new logins as could not see why it was not working and that this was a new issue to pass upstairs with all the others they are dealing with.

Sending new logins must be there equivallant of switching your PC on and off.

MTD is going to be brilliant isn't it.

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Replying to Glennzy:
Euan's picture
By Euan MacLennan
08th Aug 2016 17:53

I tried to file a 30 June VAT return as agent for a client on Friday, the last working day before the deadline of the 7th. I had no trouble logging in, but when I submitted the return, it took ages and then came back as "pending".
Fortunately, when I came in today - the day after the deadline - and checked, it confirmed that it had been submitted on Friday.

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By miketombs
15th Aug 2016 12:48

One of the options for the month is "N/A". Select that, put the amount in as 0.00 and away you go.



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