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I appreciate this has been asked a few times in the pass but hey ho will give it a go. I am moving office to work at home and want to change agent details with HMRC for SA, CT, PAYE. CIS and VAT (My business is not vat registered). I know this can be a black hole exercise. Anyone have a useful summary for each tax?

I have found on Aweb that to change payroll, someone just called the helpline 0300 2003600 so will give that a go.  On the CT page in old agents account, it gives the option to change address, does this work? I cant find any such options on SA, CIS and VAT. Does the agent maintainer still exist? and if so is there a telephone number?

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By Truthsayer
26th Feb 2024 12:25

I remember this saga from when I moved nine years ago. Changing the PAYE/CIS required writing HMRC a letter listing all payroll clients and their references. Amazingly, they couldn't change the VAT address at all for non-VAT registered agents! It makes little difference, as they never write to you about VAT matters at the registered address. Changing the address for CT and SA was easy IIRC.

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By Dougscott
26th Feb 2024 22:34

If you actually look at previous posts on the matter I think you will find answers to most if not all of yourqueries.

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By Cat's whiskers
27th Feb 2024 15:50

I moved address 8 years ago, still not managed to resolve the VAT address problem

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