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Agent help line - long queues?

Agent help line - long queues?

Have just spent 1/4 of an hour on hold trying to get through to the agent help line.  Same thing the other day too.  I guess they have decided we no longer need priority treatment and can wait ages along with everyone else if we need to speak to them?


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01st Aug 2014 09:11

Like these threads?

Anything like this thread, or this thread?

PCS have a three-day rolling strike on at HMRC at the moment. Different regions on different days but it seems to be generally affecting the phone lines. Today is the last day of the three, so hopefully back to normal (such as that is) next week.

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01st Aug 2014 09:19

Ah, ok

Have been too busy to keep up with A Web this week...

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to Wilson Philips
01st Aug 2014 15:36


taxhound wrote:

Have been too busy to keep up with A Web this week...

I could have sworn that you asked questions on both Monday and Tuesday.  Too busy to look for any answers? ;¬)

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By csgas
01st Aug 2014 17:46

I gave up after 24 minutes on hold.  I rang back the following day and gave up after 10 minutes.

By the way, I'm sick to death of HMRC, when I do occasionally get through, of being told its always me that is in the wrong.

1    I completed an online VAT registration reuest for an authentication code for a client.  HMRC confirm that the authentication code went out, my Client is adamant that he has not received it.  When I challenged HMRC they told me that as I had not put down the building number on the initial registration form it was my fault.

When I pointed out that the address was a pub in a village, so did not need a number, and that my Client had previously received an estimated VAT assessment at this address, I was told it was still my fault.  When I asked for the address to be amended, I did know the building number, I was told that this could only be done by writing to the variation department at Grimsby.

2    I asked HMRC, on behalf of a different new Client, for a list of his employments in the 2014 tax year.  They sent me a list for the 2013 tax year.  I noticed amongst his papers a refund from HMRC for this 2013 year and, subsequently, a demand for some of the tax to paid back.

I did not know this at the time but when my Client rang HMRC to ask about this demand he was told that if he didn't make payment forthwith he would be asked to complete an SA tax return.  He paid, but a copy of the calculation from HMRC might have been more helpful!

Having received the (wrong) list for 2013, out of interest I ran it through the computer and came up with quite different figures.  I rang HMRC who told me that my list, prepared by them, was wrong.  I asked for details of the differences, HMRC refused - it is not their policy to give this out over the phone.

If, however, I could give them details of the further employer(s), dates and amounts paid to my Client, they might be able to confirm them as being additional to my list.  I am supposed to tell them what I do not know.  They know it but will not tell it to me, despite a 64-8 being in place.

HMRC are, in my experience, not fit for purpose.







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