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Agent line won't discuss figures with agent

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Hello all,

Just completed a phone call to the SA agent line - discussing differences in figures on a client return versus figures from the employer which HMRC would have received by RTI. Submitted info from 3 P60s on the tax return - HMRC claim there are 4 employments, the 4th being a same-year P45 from one of the three employers.

I was advised of the employer name and PAYE reference, but when I asked for date of P45 and income & tax figures, I was told this info cannot be shared with me. Strangely enough, I was given the YTD SL figure deducted from the employment at the point of the P45.

I was then advised that a letter detailing these figures could be sent to the client, followed by a refusal to send this letter/info to the client or myself, and was told that the individual must get this info from their personal tax account!

I - politely - questioned the resistence to sharing information with myself as agent, having cleared agent security questions, and highlighted that employer name, PAYE reference and SL figures were shared, so why not gross income and tax figures.

Following a bit of back-and-forth, I ended the call and followed up with the client, who as it happens was apologetic that this got left out of the info provided to me for the return.

Am I missing something in my understanding of the purpose of an agent status with HMRC, given the above?

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By Chris.Mann
24th Apr 2019 13:25

"Am I missing something in my understanding of the purpose of an agent status with HMRC, given the above?"

Not at all. Your call just got answered by the "wrong" officer. It really does depend who picks up the call!

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By Open all hours
24th Apr 2019 13:31

Feels like deliberate policy of HMRC to obstruct the flow of information. Presumably because of the number of clients who couldn’t be bothered to round up their P60s once they knew it could be sorted by agents on a phone call.

This service should have been put onto a premium rate phone line £10/call then the client could decide to behave or help close the tax gap.

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Replying to Open all hours:
By Vaughan Blake1
24th Apr 2019 13:52

I seem to remember HMRC issuing a formal statement that they would no longer give out P60 details to agent's a couple of year's ago. I then heard that they have relaxed the rules a little, so I guess that another try may work.

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Replying to Vaughan Blake1:
By Matrix
24th Apr 2019 14:00

No they do not provide on the phone but provide in a letter to the client which only takes a few days.

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Replying to Matrix:
By alialdabawi
24th Apr 2019 15:38

Which would then make the purpose of the agent status...? I don't see the logic behind not giving info if the agent has passed verification.

Perhaps the other responders are onto something - obstructing in terms of time rather than completely, or a different outcome had someone else answered the call.

Still feel it is unnecessarily drawing out what should be fairly simple.

Lesson learnt: a more comprehensive checklist when asking clients for info would cut the problem at source.

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Replying to alialdabawi:
By Matrix
24th Apr 2019 16:16

There are lots of things to call the agent helpline about, asking for P60s should be a last resort.

Yes you need to get the info from your clients.

None of my clients have personal tax accounts if that is the reason for the change, which is not understood by HMRC. I don’t disagree with you but this has been discussed at length before.

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nsa newquay
By adam kay
24th Apr 2019 15:34

Yes we have been refused the P60 details on a number of occasions, it seems they do now expect the client to access this information through their personal online account and will not provide it to the agent.

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