Agent Services Account

Agent Services Account

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I wanted to copy across just my small number of VAT registered clients from HMRC Online Services Account to my Agent Services Account.

However, after logging into my Agent Services Account, I am being asked to copy across ALL Self Assessment and VAT clients together.

I did though want to leave Self Assessment and Limited Company clients where they currently are in the Online Services Account, only transferring VAT clients. 

This is because  HMRC Online Services Account works brilliantly.

So my questions are:

'How have others found the process of transferring clients to the Agent Services Account?

How long does the process take?

What happens in the interim period whilst the process of transferring is taking place?

Does everything work exactly the same for self assessment clients including tax returns, viewing clients -downloading pdfs etc?

There was no mention of transferring limited companies.  Do they stay where they are in HMRC Online Services Account or something else?

Thank you to all.



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By rmillaree
25th Aug 2023 14:11

there is no moving involved - its copying only - so no clients will be removed from old agent area if you add them to asa. Ie no downside to copying the lot

ref timeframes i cant remember but dont remember there having been any material delay getting vat clients in asa.

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By SXGuy
25th Aug 2023 17:58

Wouldn't worry. Mine won't let me copy self assessment over yet. Just vat.

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Grace Heathfield
By Grace Mock
31st Aug 2023 10:20

As others have said, you are only copying them over. I can still view my VAT customers as well, although I'm not sure whether it updates any more.

I have had issues with the migration - one client on an annual return can't submit because the new ASA account insists he has no return due at the moment. The Annual Accounting Team don't answer the phone either. Repeated phone calls to the normal VAT helpline managed to establish it's a technical issue that HMRC needs to fix, but so far nothing has happened, three months after an "urgent" request was raised internally.

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Replying to Hut15:
By WallyGandy
01st Sep 2023 10:12

Hi Grace- might be able to cast (dark) light.... An annual VAT client (31 March) was on MTD March 2022. No problem. When trying to file March 2023 HMRC responded "no VAT return due"- bit annoying as refund of £7k due.
I had a lucky break with the second call to VAT helpline.... issue went back to late 2022 when HMRC withdrew the "old" declarations for annual VAT and instigated MTD.

Suspicious this might be part of the problem I gathered from that helpline call that "anyone already on MTD annual had been reverse migrated to the old scheme- obviously now scrapped" (Or words to that effect).

Not possible to file VAT100 on old scheme even though the case had reverted to that Portal. Not possible to re-register for MTD as the computer would reject thinking it was already MTD. Total downward spiral of HMRC incompetence.

HMRC agent stated a "team" was in place transferring MTD back to MTD- unaware of how long as on a case by case basis.

After a VERY STRONG letter of complaint (possibly unopened) I tried again August 23rd.... and it went through. Hopefully the refund will follow....

Hope this helps- moral is "keep trying" and resist any penalties or interest charges. Of course we've nothing else to do with our time, have we HMRC???

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By kevinringer
31st Aug 2023 13:18

When the old account>ASA copy happened for VAT, the process didn't so much make a copy, but linked the old agent database with the ASA so that all clients could be accessed in the ASA, and still accessed in the old agent account. The link appeared to be dynamic because any new clients added to the old agent account automatically appeared in the ASA. I guess the SA>ASA link works the same. The ASA does not have an SA functionality: it only has MTD ITSA functionality.

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By Rgab1947
01st Sep 2023 15:03

Yes, was told all clients are copied over but only VAT ones can be viewed. You can still see all, including VAT (limited detail) on the old one.

The explanation was that as they became digital then you could view them in the new agents site as they were already there.

Hope not as the VAT one is cr$p.

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