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Agent Services Account - Won't accept Gateway

Saying I need to apply for a new Gateway...

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Can anyone help please?

I'm setting up my ASA now, but it's saying:

'You cannot use your current Government Gateway account to create an agent services account.

You will need to create a new Government Gateway agent account. You can do this now.'


If I create a new one, I'm going to have to add all the clients from scratch - it will be a nightmare!  I can't find any phone numbers for help from HMRC. Has anyone had this problem & knows what to do?   How do you add clients under the ASA - is it the same PIN by post method, or can they appoint you via their gateway? 




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By SXGuy
15th Feb 2019 17:54

The thing is, You have to sign everyone up to Mtd anyway, there is no transfer over autonatically.

So the pain you feel is inevitable anyway. May as well create a new agent account, move your vat clients over, leave anyone else on the old one.

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15th Feb 2019 19:42 mistake

It looks like when they ask you to create a new gateway, this is simply for accessing the ASA, and you can still link your existing gateway a few steps down the line. Panic over!

(to be fair, HMRC emailed me back within 1 hour, which was a nice surprise :) )

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