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Agent Software to deal with MTD for VAT

What software is available for practices to manage their VAT clients filing MTD VAT returns?

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Something new is necessary because HMRC's ASA will not provide any information, so a management tool is required because clients are using different types of accounting and bridging software.

I am aware of the BTC 'hub' which seems to provide a VAT dashboard in addition to bridging software (at a cost of £250) but have any other software providers got something similar?  I guess some solutions might also be in development, because these won't be required until July assuming quarterly submissions?




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10th Apr 2019 18:34

Lots options ranging from nothing to hundreds of pounds. See the HMRC website for a list, but the likelihood your current agent tax software will already do this. Most of them do.

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10th Apr 2019 15:40

Hi Tim,

We've just released some MTD bridging software for Windows called Easy MTD VAT (

As an agent you can add your clients to Easy MTD VAT then simply select them and click a Get button when you want to view their obligations, liabilities and payments. You can do this without coughing up a single penny.

You can also use Easy MTD VAT to submit your client's VAT returns from as little as £0.99 per return. It imports VAT figures from an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file so it is compatible with almost any accounting process.

I hope it fits your requirements.

Best regards,


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10th Apr 2019 16:23

I have some experimental agents API software that I am happy if people want to try it out. I know that there are other developers who are doing this sort of thing. I have a couple of agents who are trying it out at the moment.

Like any of these things you can swap providers so you can try one system and if you don't like it you can go to another.

What I am doing is bringing together the Agents processing and AML processing in the same database (and with the same pages).

At the moment I am not charging (and people who sign up now will keep a free service for a while).

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12th Apr 2019 10:27

We have been using Simply Accounts Bridge.

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