Agents Authorisation

Agents Authorisation

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I applied for an Agents Authorisation mid April to the address on the website. To date I have heard nothing from HMRC so I called them up, or tried, spending an hour on the phone trying to get an answer only to be told that without the ID they can't help . How are they taking to respond to such requests does anyone know? How do I decide when the letter must be lost in the post and need to reapply? I have several returns, both SA and CT to submit on-line so a bit frustrated by the whole process.

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the sea otter
By memyself-eye
06th Aug 2015 14:06

why not apply on line?

I have never had any problems using t'internet for agent authorisations.

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By acceje
06th Aug 2015 14:39


I applied 18 June 2015 and I am still waiting - tried using the HMRC beta chat service but although they apologised they couldn't help.  Their answer was to write again - but if HMRC haven't opened the first letter yet what is the point !  (I sent my first letter by recorded delivery so they did sign for it).

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By almost_a_geek
06th Aug 2015 14:50

2 months for me

I applied for agent status on 8 June and finally received my agent codes this morning. If you haven't received anything since April I would be inclined to write again.

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By Pens pusher
06th Aug 2015 15:07

Authorities disappearing of our agent list

We have had a few self assessment clients deleted from our agent's list.  This is not where they have gone to another Accountant but some kind of error with the powers that be!  After calling online services, they wouldn't even talk to me as I did not have authority and the he no way of tracing any deletions.  Authority had to be requested again online and then await the late penalty charg

es to go through the apeal process, which was upheld.  What a waste of time.

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By Wycher
06th Aug 2015 17:30

Agent priority lines

I applied in May and had no response, they do not have any phone lines, so you have to go via the agent priority lines and ask them to contact the department.

They are six weeks behind in opening post, so you cannot complain until that time has passed, but after that they say you should get a call within 5 days, it actually took over 10 including another complaint call. 

But finally I got to speak to a member of staff who gave me a fax number to send my details across.

If you write again it will take another 6 or so weeks so I would go for the agent priority route, just be aware that they don't all know the procedure so if it does not work first time try again.

I actually got my codes today so happy days. 

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