AI Deception video - accountingweb shoutout!

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Not something I expected to see on a video channel I follow and has almost 5 million subscribers.

At 12:09 there is a screenshot of Tom Herbert's article on accountingweb.


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By WinterDragon
16th Apr 2024 13:55

I always find Tom's articles to be extremely well-written and useful. Something I noticed recently is that the hyperlinks embedded in AWeb articles are actually useful. I was so frustrated when reading an article on my local news (birminghamlive) that all the hyperlinks redirected to categories on the site and not to the source of what the text was referring to. I really appreciate small details that keep the article concise but add value to readers when we want to read a bit further into the topic.

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Richard Hattersley
By Richard Hattersley
16th Apr 2024 16:11

How about that! Thanks for sharing - what a nice surprise. I was concerned for a moment when I read 'AI deception' and 'AccountingWEB'. Glad to see Tom's articles are getting the recognition they deserve.

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Tom Herbert
By Tom Herbert
16th Apr 2024 17:38

Fame at last! ;-) Thanks for sharing, thestudyman.

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Replying to TomHerbert:
By FactChecker
16th Apr 2024 20:02

Too modest to provide a link to the now famous page ...

FWIW what I love about the story is that the cack-handed accounting academics were providing expert "evidence" to an Australian Parliamentary inquiry into the ethics and professional accountability of the consultancy industry.
It's almost as though the AI had my sense of humour ...

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