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AIA on assets brought into sole trade from ltd co.

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If  a limited company ceased and the equipment was then purchased by the outgoing Director who set up as a sole trader (carrying on the same trade-plumbing). Can the sole trader claim AIA on the assets purchased and if not why not? (I have claimed WDA at 18% but unsure of the reason AIA is not allowed- connected party or assets were orginanly purchased for old trade?)

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By lionofludesch
20th Sep 2019 17:46

No - he's a connected party.

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By Tax Dragon
06th Oct 2019 14:51

There's a control test in the connection test (s575). The fact that you call him/her "the" director indicates that the control test was likely met, but if that was a slip of the fingers then you may need to check. There's no mention of who owned the shares in the defunct company; indeed, depending how the defuncting was done, it's possible the connection had ceased before the director bought the kit.

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