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All in one printer for home office

All in one printer for home office

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At home, I currently use an HP Laserjet 1020, which has been fine. However, given I'm working from home more often these days I really need a scanner and possibly a fax capability. I don't do anything fancy with the HP, just accounts, payslips, etc. I don't intend printing photos nor do I really need colour (as my children will immediately commandeer the printer and bankrupt me with consumables costs) but text quality is important (hence I assume laser is best). Wireless would be good but not critical.

Can anyone recommend anything? I'm not too concerned about a budget yet as I'd like to see what's out there first. I'm not a complete technological twit but I have to say I find the sheer range of products on offer a bit daunting.

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By FirstTab
28th Oct 2011 13:24

I have got this - its great


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By BigBadWolf
28th Oct 2011 14:28


I am looking at getting this for myself: Samsung

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By Kryton
29th Oct 2011 00:18


Hi ChrisMartin,

If deskspace is not a major problem, I would consider using multiple devices. There are several reasons for this:

Multifunction lasers command a premium.Multifunction inkjets are expensive for consumables.Internet Fax Services are great and easy to use, never run out of ink and make filing easier.Simple mono laser printers are cheap and reliable.Easy / Cheaper to replace when they break down.

So... Keep the laser printer, buy a scanner with a feeder and use an internet fax service.


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Replying to Kent accountant:
John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
03rd Nov 2011 09:39

In the same boat as you (almost)

Hi Chris,

I asked a similar question last year and got some good recommendations here.

I differ from you because I want to scan a lot of pictures and print some of them out. So in spite of the cost of consumables I'm thinking more about consumery inkjets from Kodak, Canon or Epsom.

Since photo quality and colour aren't a big deal for you, then a mono laser device is definitely the way to go - or the colour Xerox Phaser range, which uses solid inks and is very economical to run.

I'm also sitting on the latest copy of our Business Buyer's Guide to Printers. I've got to do some final proof-checking, but here are the relevant recommended models that may appeal to you:

Canon Pixma MG6150 (inkjet)HP OfficePro 8500A (inkjet)Samsung SCX-3205W (mono laser)HP LaserJet M1120MFP (mono laser)OKI MC361 DN (colour laser)Samsung CLX-3185FW (colour laser)Dell 1350CNW (colour laser)



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By richardpoulter
03rd Nov 2011 11:15

Canon MF4690PL

Canon MF4690 - these are brilliant (and a best seller).  Mono laser. Have installed 2 of them at the moment in a small busyish office since 2008 and they've not missed a beat, the staff love them. Spent a while researching before I settled on these.

Also quite like the neat auto-double sided printing facility (duplex). Colour scanning software easy enough to use. On site maintenance for a year for peace of mind, though haven't had need to date.

Full spec:


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By BryanS1958
03rd Nov 2011 11:23

I did buy a Kyocera colour MFC, but it was a complete nightmare to set up, needed a degree in computing to set it up! I've got a Brother B & W MFC which was simplicity itself to set up and use.  Can also scan from PC, which Kyocera and several others don't seem to do.


Any ideas for a colour (no need for great colour) MFC with network (LAN), duplex, scanner, fax?  Scanner should be operable from LAN PC.

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By Roy Price
03rd Nov 2011 13:54


HP Officejet Pro L7680 All in one

I have been using this in my home office accounts practice for 4 years now.  It has proven very reliable and I was even able to upgrade the drivers when I went to Windows 7 64bit.

The print quality has never failed; which can be a common problem in printers. 

It has: scanner, fax, print facilities and can print high resolution photographs.  It has an auto feeding for multiple pages.  It can be operated direct from the PC including sending faxes.

Hope that helps.

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By RogerNeale
03rd Nov 2011 14:08

Huge range

There's a huge range depending on your specific requirements.

There are lots of things to consider.

Laser gives a more resiliant copy. i.e. it is waterproof.

Do you need/want network connection wired/wireless?

Do you want to print duplex (double sided)?

How many pages will you print/copy each month?

If you have a mono laser now, would you like a colour one to replace it?

Would you be better with a document scanner and a fax modem in your PC?


I could go on but........time runs out..

List what you NEED first, then what you would like before then setting yourself a slightly flexible budget.

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Replying to k743snx:
By Alf
04th Nov 2011 08:53

Brother MFC 7460DN

I bought a Brother MFC 7460DN about 2 months ago. it was easy to set up, the print quality is fine and the scanner is good. Cost was about £170 inc VAT I think. Very happy with it.

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By taxhelpukcom
04th Nov 2011 12:00


I've found the Kodak multifinction printers to be very good & easy to use.

Another advantage is the low cost of inks for them as well - less than half the cost of a Lexmark I used to have.

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By James Hellyer
04th Nov 2011 12:14

HP Officejet

The HP Officejet 8500A mentioned above is a great all in one printer: 

It's a thermal inkjet with indvidual colour cartridges, water proof inks and duplex capability.

The consumables are reasonably priced and have a good life.


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By ChrisMartin
05th Nov 2011 10:08

Thank you to all of you.....

...for taking the time and trouble to offer these helpful suggestions. It's really useful to get opinions from users;  I shall restrict my search to those recommended and work from there. What a minefield - it doesn't seem that long ago that I was at a partners' meeting where we spent 20 minutes arguing about whether we should buy Bic biros with medium or fine nibs. Once that had been thrashed out, that was the technology agenda finished and we could move onto biscuit provision (chocolate or not).

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By ChrisMartin
05th Nov 2011 21:41

And before I forget....

...a major issue that I cannot seem to resolve: in terms of printed text quality only, are inkjet printers materially worse than lasers? Materially -  a bad choice of word given the readership; what I mean is, would you be embarrassed to send out the inkjet version to a paying client? I'm sure I'm not the only accountant to be interested in boring stuff like text quality and scanning capability rather than photo printing. Several of my team work from home a fair amount and whilst the final accounts and tax returns, etc are printed out on an all-singing all-dancing massively expensive Sharp printer, their working papers are printed on domestic cheap inkjet printers which is fine but the end product would be clearly inadequate for 3rd party viewing. I fully accept that you get what you pay for - at what point does inkjet printed text quality reach a laser standard? Any thoughts?    







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