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Allowable travel & subsistence expenses

What expenses are allowable for a contractor working away for an extended period?

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My client is a consultant working through his own company from home in the UK. He has just taken a 6 month contract in the Channel Islands and I am trying to advise on what expenses he can claim from his company. I have read about the 24 month rule so he seems OK on travel to and from CI but I'm not sure about subsistence and accommodation expenses whilst there.

Any views would be most appreciated.

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By Tim Vane
12th Jan 2018 11:57

He can claim whatever expenses he likes from his company; if it's his company then he is unlikely to have any difficulty agreeing an expenses claim. Just make sure you make the necessary adjustments for CT and/or BIK.

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Replying to Tim Vane:
By pstrangward
12th Jan 2018 12:04

Sorry, I should have said I was concerned about the allowability of the expenses in the company.

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By Kate Cottrell
12th Jan 2018 16:47

Don't forget about IR35, which depending if in or out of it will determine what if anything can be claimed.

Kate Cottrell

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