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Alternative method of claiming SEISS

Client with no passport or credit history

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Sorry if this has been asked and answered but I haven't found it so far.

Does anyone have any knowledge of successful SEISS claim using alternative to GG?  I have an chap who still lives with his elderley parent, doesn't have a passport or any credit history.  He has a paper driving licence only which he says will not allow him to create a government gateway.  He's tried the phone number that came on his letter advising that he is able to claim and tells me that he just gets hung up on after being passed around.   He does have a mobile phone but that's the only bill in his name.  I suggested he tried but he rang back last night to say that didn't work either (possibly again because he has no credit history).  I'm struggling to help him, he has a very small niche trade which has dried up, and is worried that he's going to run out of time to put in a claim.  What he has done, is apply for a plastic driving licence because he believes it's the paper one that is holding him back, but that could take ages at the moment.  Anyone with a paper driving licence been able to claim?  This gentleman is somewhat from a byegone age and is struggling with technology.  


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By stepurhan
29th May 2020 10:39

If he cannot claim online, the support number is the one to call to make a claim. This may be the number he has used already of course.

0800 024 1222

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Replying to stepurhan:
By susieq
29th May 2020 10:43

Yes that's the number he has, thanks. He tells me he just gets cut off. Maybe it's because he's ringing at the busiest time and he just needs to keep trying.

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Replying to susieq:
By Cheshire
29th May 2020 12:07

Get him to try as soon as they open. Works for the agent lines and Ive found it works for random other HMRC lines. Or, opposite end of the day about 10 minutes before they finish.

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29th May 2020 10:57

I had a client with limited English and he did manage it. It will only be able to be actioned manually. It did take over an hour for him and his wife to get it sorted as he culdnt get to grips with the Scottish accent. They got thru at 8.00am. And ask for Manual Claim. To do it manually they dont need to create a government gateway. Make sure he has his UTR and NI number to hand. Dont think they required much more.

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Replying to NYB:
By John Stone
29th May 2020 11:38

Two of mine have done it. It must be easy.

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