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Alternative to Auto Entry

Looking for alternative to Auto Entry

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Does anyone know of a good alternative to Auto Entry for digitising of bank statements?  I previously used Statement Rec, but since they have changed to Auto Entry, I just find it garbage and the charging structure is also very strange.

I know of various other packages that can digitise invoices, but I've not come across any for bank statements.

Thanks for your help :-)

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By James Green
24th Aug 2020 15:35

The main alternative is Receipt Bank

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By SXGuy
24th Aug 2020 17:30


After taking advice from people on here on various software this one was the one that stood out. Brilliant software and easily extracts data.

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Replying to SXGuy:
Sarah Douglas - HouseTree Business Ltd
By sarah douglas
27th Aug 2020 14:25

I highly recommend AbletoExtract. The best software we ever purchased.

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By carnmores
24th Aug 2020 20:52

Insist on downloads

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25th Aug 2020 09:56

Speak to AutoEntry. I found that by using their AccountsPrep integration you can achieve similar or in some cases better functionality than with StatementRec.

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27th Aug 2020 11:20

In the absence of a CSV from the client, Able2Extract or Fujitsu Scanner which comes with its own Scansnap & Abbyy software

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By Mel Orecklin
27th Aug 2020 13:37

If you are looking for a program for OCR of bank statements, the completely free online AltoPDF is by far the best PDF to Excel converter I have tested.

In general, OCR programs do a poor job of converting a PDF of your bank statement to Excel with columns that are consistent from one page of the bank statement to the next.

I have 150 page bank statements and have tried many OCR programs. Most suck.

FYI: Alto has many other converters such as PDF to Word.

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By ShayaG
27th Aug 2020 17:04

I've used the Fujitsu software in the past, which is quite good for slightly less than perfect PDFs of bank statements, but it takes quite a while to map out the table structure on each page.

I'm very happy with AutoEntry, but, as you say, their pricing structure is a little weird, and if the bank statements aren't scanned in perfectly, they will reject the batch.

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By Ray051
27th Aug 2020 18:00

Receipt-Bank is the popular one nowadays. Its quick and easy.

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