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Apart from direct with Companies House, does anyone have any recommendations

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CMS have changed their process ahead of the change in legislation - which is fine (to an extent) however...

I am trying to move someone onto our dashboard - their CS is late and we can't add them to our dashboard because apparently they are registered on someone elses. It is unclear who, as it isn't the previous accountant. 

CMS have said if we can provide either the auth code or an email from the directors, then they will remove them from the former dashboard and add to ours. We did both and got told that the auth code was "out of date" - of course it isn't. They then accepted that it wasn't but wanted me (the accountant) to update my AML ID checks with CREDAS - this is already done and upto date. There is even a pretty graphic on their website to show it is done and accepted. 

So now, they want me to re-do mine (going round in circles) and all directors (3) to do theirs. They will not do it without this as this is now a legal requirement - I assume I haven't missed this coming into effect over Christmas and Jan and they are, in fact, not telling the truth. 

The other issue is that some clients don't want to send their details to CREDAS due to their awful reviews and state that we should be doing the AML checks ourselves, which of course we do, but then they can't understand why they need to download the app and send photos etc...

It's not what you need in January. For now, we will go direct with CoHo, but if anyone uses any other good dashboards, that aren't operated by useless bots, then I'd be really interested to hear about them.

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By Wanderer
16th Jan 2024 16:56

The new CMS system is truly awful. Been in about a month now. Not only you, but your clients have to jump through multiple hoops. We gave up after just one. (One PSC / officer even had to touch their nose whilst holding their passport!)

Presently we are doing it direct with Companies House. They haven't implemented the new procedures yet.

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By stacey03
16th Jan 2024 17:06

Thanks for confirming Wanderer.
We asked them last month when we would need to start getting all the directors authorised and they did reply and said not yet, but it would be good practice to start now as it could "come in at any moment". We opted to not do that but now it appears we are stuck and they have us over a barrel if we want to continue.
I am not massively opposed to early adoption but not when I want to do something quickly and they have told me it isn't necessary yet.
It just seems to be another job to do...

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By Tasnim Mustafa
17th Jan 2024 08:29

We use Inform Direct and have been very happy with it for many years!

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17th Jan 2024 09:32


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