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Alternatives to HSBCnet?

I need to replace HSBCnet for bank statements and supplier payments worldwide.

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Does anybody use alternatives to HSBCnet that enable the instruction from banks in various countries to suppliers in various countries, using local bank payment mechanics where appropriate?

Or, does anybody use an online, multi-authorisor payment bureau service that achieves the same objective (nb: this is for suppliers, not payrolls)?

Last week, HSBCnet emailed its UK customers, announcing "improvements" to its user interface.  I think this is the same interface that HSBCnet inflicted on its North American customers in 2018.  It's a dreadful development: it maximises time wasted on screen (re-)navigation, causes confusion, maximises the risks of error.


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By [email protected]
08th Feb 2019 07:43

I use HiFX
they act as a payment bureau and v competitive exchange rates too
you can either transact one by one or build a payment list and send them a single payment
you'll need to set up an account for the business and go through the usual AML but for paying FX suppliers and buying and selling currency they're great
BTW i believe they've just merged with

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By martinengland
25th Apr 2019 17:32

Many thanks.

I have just tried to contact, who took over HiFX.

Turns out I have to create an account before they'll even speak to me. They don't need my personal information for an initial sales inquiry.

Looks like the supposed-competitors to the banks might be out to ape the systemic, contemptuous disservice pioneered by the banks!

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